New Widescreen Car Stereos for Your Audi

XTRONS’ New MA Series

Is your Audi’s infotainment in need of an upgrade? While Audi’s drive, look and move impeccably, this doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t want to customise yours. If you want to perfect your interior and make your Audi YOURS, we have the ideal units for you - XTRONS new MA Series widescreen car stereos. With an incredible array of features, you can give your dashboard the perfect finishing touch.

Widescreen Images

These new MA Series models get huge, high quality 8.8” screens, with a true widescreen display. Clear navigation that you can’t miss, crisp looking menus and great visuals mean that we squeeze every drop of capability out of the units. The screen will look beautiful in your dashboard even when not in use, with its mesmerising large surface and sleek design. Whatever use you find for it, we think that this is the ultimate screen available on a car stereo.

CarPlay & Android Auto

For the best experience with your smartphone, these stereos come ready with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. These apps give you incredible connectivity between your smartphone and your car’s head unit, giving you great flexibility, screen mirroring, content sharing and much more. Keep your phone in your pocket or bag, and still access all the functionality with ease.

Camera Access

With support for reversing cameras and dashcams, including those in true HD quality, you will never miss a thing on the road. Safer manoeuvres, improved road safety and lower insurance premiums can be yours, fully incorporated into your infotainment system. A comprehensive solution to visibility.

Built-in DSP

The digital sound processing chip in these stereos gives you an incredible degree of control over sound. From crisp highs and booming lows, to clear speech and perfect balance, every aspect is customisable. Perfect for the music lover or podcast fan, and a huge improvement on your daily commute.

Integrated 4G

An integrated 4G module gives you direct access to mobile data and the internet, without the need for a hotspot or tethering to another device. This means data transfer is quick, secure, and hassle-free, allowing you to explore the online world whenever you please. If you need to work, stay connected, or entertain a crowd, it’s never been easier.

We think our new MA Series stereos give your Audi an enormous upgrade, and provide the perfect finish to an already impressive vehicle. If you’re interested in perfecting your Audi’s dashboard, shop our range of up-to-the-minute car stereos here, and find something exceptional for your Audi vehicle.