Year after year, we endeavour to improve our offerings to our customers and this year has been no different.

In 2018, we released lots of new products, updated others and tried to take on as much feedback as possible form our customers in the Xtrons community.
In doing so, we identified several areas where we wanted to make changes. One of which was our website. Although the website has had continuous work to make it more accessible and easier to navigate, we still felt the overall design, user experience (UX) and performance could be enhanced for 2019.

Xtrons New Website

Here’s what you can expect from our brand new website:

Magento 2

This has to be the most significant advancement of them all. The Magento 2 platform, albeit in its infancy, has already demonstrated lots of improved features, since its launch. Not only is it leaner, making it swift, it has a wider range of capabilities which transform the ecommerce shopping experience for everyone!

Super Search

It’s about time we made searching for your ideal product as simple as possible. With thousands of custom-fit head units and accessories, covering a wide spectrum of makes and models, being able to find what you're looking for had previously required a little patience.
Now, with our Super Search facility, you can enter the ‘make, model & year’ to filter out items specific to your vehicle. It’s quick, easy and fluidly intelligent and, hopefully, makes your overall Xtrons experience that bit better.

Mega Menu

We’ve always tried to improve our menu structure, over the years, in order to guide you to what it is you're looking for. Our new Mega Menu caters for a lot of different avenues, in searching for the product you desire. By concentrating on the pathways and overall design, we think this new feature complements the improved UX of the site.

Home Page Accordion

The home page accordion feature will enlighten our audiences to our latest, innovative products and their most prominent features. It gives a snapshot of the product and an insight to the key selling points, without having to go to the product page description.


Considering the blog is such a regular feature, updating and informing our customers of latest the products, product reviews, tips and more, we’ve made it more prominent on our home page. Moreover, we’ve finally categorised the blogs, so you can browse the area of interest you’re looking for much easier.

Mobile Experience

The mobile version of our new website has had close scrutiny, to ensure a pleasurable, stress-free browsing and shopping experience. Our site will be fully responsive and will be able to accommodate many devices. Not only will it look sharp but it will feel sharp and intuitive too. We’re hoping to improve the overall Xtrons shopping experience on mobile, for the modern day shoppers!

Product Titles

Again, this is another enhancement which enables you to identify what it is you’re looking for much easier. Previously, the product titles were the SKU number of the product, and one could not decipher any further (at first look) if that particular unit was for them. Now, we are able to at least show the make and model, making it easier to distinguish.

Product Page

The product page has had an overhaul, aesthetically. We’re hoping to provide a better insight into the products, product information and product performance all in one area. Each individual product page has been seamlessly integrated with YouTube, providing the customer with easy access to any videos we’ve created reviewing the product.

New Website

Hopefully, you’ll enjoy exploring everything our new website has to offer and indulge in all of the fantastic new features that we’ve added to improve your experience.
If there’s any questions you have regarding our new website or what may change as a result, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re happy to help.