New Roof Mounted Monitors

The New CM Series - Roof Mounted Screens with Android OS

Whether you are visiting long-missed family members, or taking the kids on a much-needed holiday, you can now keep your whole cab entertained. Our new range of Android-powered, roof mounted monitors have full USB and HDMI support. You can connect your laptop or tablet, or a USB stick full of your favourite films and series. Better yet, for gamers young and old, this series is fully compatible with Playstation, Xbox and the Nintendo Switch, so the fun needn’t stop when you leave your home. Some even have built in DVD players for your convenience.

Stream music, podcasts and video directly onto your roof mounted screen - Pandora, Spotify, Vimeo and much, much more. A whole world of  high quality entertainment awaits! You can even use the screen mirroring function to share your entertainment with other passengers


The CM158TA comes with a sleek design and a fully-fledged 15.6" screen. The display has stunning resolution and clarity, delivering outstanding images you'll want to watch throughout your journey. The sleek design and aura mood lighting keep the appearance beautiful, and the built in speakers deliver sound with perfect definition.

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For larger vehicles, the CM179A is the big brother of the series. Sleekly designed and with a huge 17.3” HD screen, you can view whatever entertainment you wish with unprecedented clarity, helping those long journeys go effortlessly. Either use the built-in, powerful stereo speakers, or use the AV outs or FM transmission to connect to one of our powerful head units. 

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Both units have incredible HDR10+ screens, allowing colour and brightness to be set up frame by frame. This makes the picture look incredibly realistic. Not only that, but both can handle 8k video, for the very highest resolution, right from the back seat!

We are very proud to unveil our new range of Roof Monitors, incorporating all the great Android functionality you have come to expect from XTRONS.

Bring your entertainment with you, wherever the road takes you.