New IQ Series Stereos to Turbo-Charge Your Dashboard

XTRONS’ new IQ Series stereos are here and ready to ship! With Grade-A IPS touchscreens, fast processors and more, they’re the perfect thing to upgrade an already exquisite motor.

A Luxury Car Needs A Luxury Stereo

If you’re fortunate enough to own a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz, you probably already enjoy your drive to work to a certain degree. While the entertainment systems in both marques’ vehicles are pretty good, we think you can go one better with an XTRONS head unit! We want every part of your journey to be enjoyable, and while your engine is taken care of, we also want to turbocharge your infotainment options. Our new IQ Series units are here to do just that.

The Ultimate Flagship - Octa-Core Processors

Powered by the 665 Qualcomm Processor, everything in the new IQ Series works like clockwork. The incredible speed afforded by the architecture is simply astonishing in a car stereo, and will make everything you need accessible in a flash. Navigation, music, video and apps - you’ll be amazed by the smooth speed on offer here.

AI-Powered Android System

The deeply customised Android platform runs on an AI-powered system, which gives you increased speed and seamless operation. Furthermore, the solid state ROM means there is no jitter or glitching, and the system continues to work beautifully on even the roughest roads. Familiar Android features become easy touchpoints for navigating the system, as well as keeping processor load nice and light. Clever!

Smooth 4K Visuals

Now with a newly upgraded screen, the IQ Series has some of the best visuals on the market. An Adreno 610 GPU and 4K Video compatibility means movies and games look astonishing and move with incredible smoothness. It is, in short, the best graphics processor we could get our hands on, powering the best touchscreen. If you like to take a break on a long drive to catch up on your favourite series, have a quick blast on a game, or simply have your screen look glossy and beautiful, this one’s for you.

Incredible Connectivity

The IQ Series stereos come with built-in iOS CarPlay and Android Auto, for the easiest possible connectivity and screen mirroring from your smartphone. Get access to all your favourite apps with ease, use voice commands and much more.

As well as connecting to your phone, you can connect to the world. Integrated 4G and dual band Wi-Fi mean you are always connected securely to the internet. You can work, browse the internet or stream music and video with ease.

Even better, the integrated CANbus means you can control all these functions from the steering wheel. This means you can keep your eyes on the road and still explore the incredible set of features on your dashboard.

We think the new XTRONS IQ Series represents the ultimate in car infotainment technology. If you drive a BMW or a Mercedes-Benz, it might add the finishing touch you’re looking for to make your journey even more fun. Shop now and see if you can find the perfect technological upgrade for your executive car.

Image used with thanks to Steve Freling at Motor Oomph