New Car Headrest Monitors

This month we introduce our incredible new series of Headrest-mounted Android monitors. Featuring an Android 9.0 platform, deeply customised for purpose, our new units bring all of the technology of our high-end head units right into your back seat!


The HM125A comes with a sleek 12.5" Full HD screen and supports 2K video playback. As well as the suite of possibilities offered by the Android platform, the unit also has multiple audio outputs, so your content sounds as good as it looks.


The HM135A comes with a 13.3" Screen and is perfect for larger or more luxurious cars. You can enjoy the same quick and effortless processing, along with the screen sharing capability. Connect your phone to the larger display and stop squinting! This unit also comes with multi-coloured atmosphere lighting, enhancing your car's interior, even when it isn't turned on.

Android Capabilities

Our customised Android operating system puts all of the functionality of an Android device right there on your back seat. Browse the internet with the built-in Wi-fi module, access familiar functions and use all of your favourite apps!

Our new Android headrest monitors are certain to improve your passenger's journey, and bring a new generation of technology right to the back seat. Install one of XTRONS' high quality units, and watch their journey fly by.