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Motorised Screens for Effortless Entertainment

Ride Business Class with the New Flagship CM171AM

This month, XTRONS are proud to introduce the new CM171AM motorised screen, a 17.3” 8K media player with automatic flip-down. The screen brings new levels of quality and luxury to your back seat, lending a limousine finish to your car, whatever you drive.

Dual Motor

The screen is designed to flip both up and down at the touch of a button, switching between widescreen home cinema and its discreet and tucked-away design. Without even stretching, your passengers can access a wealth of entertainment on the 8K equipped screen, or stow it away for an uninterrupted view of the road.

The dual motor design, unlike the single motors found elsewhere on the market, make it smoother, less stressed and more reliable. Our best-ever screen is overengineered for peerless reliability.

The Business Class Touch

No more crowding around phone screens! XTRONS’ new flagship gives you a huge 17.3” viewing surface, with full 8K HD definition and HDR10+ technology. This puts it right at the top end of both size and quality, surpassing what was possible until very recently. The screen is tough, scratch-resistant and crystal clear, ensuring that even the latest computer-animated films look flawless. Truly a screen built for the coming future.

What’s more, viewing angle can also be adjusted effortlessly with the touch-button interface or the remote control, meaning your passengers can optimise their viewing depending on light conditions. We think it’s the ultimate screen for in-car use, with a wealth of features making it so.

Mood Lighting and Smart Control

Equipped with ambient aura lighting, this customisable feature lets you adjust the feel of your cab, even when the screen is not in use. A full seven colours allows you to make your back seat your lounge, office or luxury cinema.

The unit also allows you plenty of connectivity with smartphones and tablets, as well as with your stereo. Screen mirroring is easy and seamless, and remote operation of every function is possible with any Android-equipped device. Create a smart environment easily.

The Interiors

The internal structure of the screen makes it run just as smoothly. Equipped with a light-touch customised Android system, the monitor is underpinned by a powerful 12nm octa-core processor that can reach operating speeds up to 2.0GHz, with 2GB RAM + 32GB ROM, ensuring seamless and efficient performance from the screen. Again, the unit is over engineered for its purpose, with inspiration from the very best in design and building.

All the technology in the world is no good unless it can be accessed. We pride ourselves on making the ultramodern accessible and usable, with every design decision focused on you, the user.

Redefining In-Car Entertainment

With aerospace-grade technology and in-car knowhow, we go out of our way to ensure that the very best in technology is both accessible and fun to use. Whatever you drive, the clever design and robust operation of our CM171AM flagship screen will put your passenger experience in business class. No more boredom and no more lagging behind the times. Simply the best in-car entertainment on the market.

The CM171AM heads up our range of rear-seat screens, with both roof-mounted and headrest-mounted designs that perfectly suit any vehicle. Explore our range to find the perfect fit for you!