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More than a Stereo

For any car, having a great stereo is a bonus.

For many cars, it’s a selling point, while for many users it’s of life-and-death importance. Whether you’re a music lover, audiobook fan or a committed radio listener, getting the right stereo certainly helps those long journeys to pass quicker.

In modern in-car entertainment, your stereo is so much more than a way of playing audio. It’s good at that, sure, but it also offers you a mobile cinema, a hard drive and a way of staying connected to the world. Let’s take a look -


Standard on many XTRONS stereos, DSP (Digital Sound Processing) gives you exacting control over your sound. With bass boosts, spatial effects and speech enhancement filters, your audio has never been so clear, or so adaptable to your needs.

The real jewel in the crown is the graphic equaliser.So how does it work? Think of sound like a spectrum - the human ear can hear roughly 20 Hz - 20,000 Hz. What the equaliser does is split the sound into “chunks”, giving you the power to raise or lower each one to taste, and customise the sound you hear. You’d be amazed at the difference it makes, especially on a noisy road where listening conditions aren’t exactly opera house! It’s a quick and easy way to give you massive control over your sound.

Smartphone Connectivity

Absolutely key to any modern stereo is the ability to pair with your smartphone, and there are many ways to do that today. Screen mirroring gives you the option to share content from your phone onto your stereo’s screen, or vice versa. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are other ways, which give you deeper control and allows you to share content, control apps and more.

On a modern dashboard, a stereo can in many ways be considered an extension of your phone’s capabilities, meaning you never have to be too far away from all that functionality.

Mobile Working

For many of us, it’s not always possible to leave work at the office. Sometimes you just have to be contactable, or you need access to some important document or another while travelling. The 4G hotspot capabilities of an XTRONS stereo makes this not only possible, but effortless. Using your stereo as a wifi router is not uncommon, and makes it possible for you to both work and play in your car.

Take advantage of cloud computing, catch up with zoom calls or transfer files, all without having to use the data on your mobile. It’s an ingenious way of staying connected without having to rely on your phone’s screen.

Visual Entertainment

While audio is still king, visuals are of increasing importance. Having a good screen on your stereo, especially a touchscreen, makes everything easier to operate. This counts whether you’re quickly changing radio stations at the wheel, or letting your kids watch their favourite cartoons in the car park. A good screen is how your interact with all your functions, so it’s become paramount that it’s good.

A word on this - all XTRONS screens are top quality components, with tough, anti-scratch finishes and crisp, multi-layer visuals. It’s an expression of the things we think are important in a stereo - technology, beauty and utility.

Monitor Your Engine

Related to the above, a good stereo is not limited to entertainment or work. It can also be a portal to understanding your engine better. Using accessories, you can have access to data such as tyre pressure, engine temperature and more, all via your stereo. This real-time information can help you better understand your car, addressing any issues before they become a problem.

Explore the range of accessories to find the appropriate sensors and add-ons to get your XTRONS stereo communicating with your engine.

The Modern Touch

We pride ourselves on technological knowhow, outcompeting even the “best-of-the-rest” stereos on the market. We know that a stereo is more than just a stereo - it makes your car a home away from home. It entertains your family, keeps money coming in, informs and forewarns of problems. In short, they’re crucial, and our range of stereos should offer you everything you need for a pleasant journey.