Maximise Your Audio with DSP

This week's blog takes a look at DSP, or Digital Sound Processing, and examines what it can do for your in-car sound...

DSP Explained

Many XTRONS stereos feature Digital Sound Processing as part of a suite of options. It allows a greater degree of control over your audio, making sure that everything you listen to sounds at its best. Whatever music you prefer, and whatever you mainly use your stereo for, DSP can be a powerful tool to perfect your sound output.

How it Works

Digital Signal Processing converts real-world sounds into digital information that can be altered and enhanced. While this sounds complex, the end result is simply a greater degree of control over your sound. Using the power of digital processing, you can add effects and manipulate recorded sounds, making them sound clearer and more powerful. The graphic equaliser allows for surgical precision in altering your sound, and the array of simple-to-use effects give an instant lift to your listening experience.

Clearer Spoken Word

Are you struggling to hear your audio over road noise and the hum of the engine? DSP can help you - using the bass filter to roll off low frequencies can help voices come through crisp and punchy, or you can use sound presets for an approximation of the perfect sound settings. You can also achieve this effect using the graphic eq, by emphasising the frequencies of the human voice, usually around 1000Hz - 4000Hz. Play around with the sliders in this range and you should notice the voice jumps out at you better.

More Powerful Music

Whatever sort of music you prefer, from hip-hop to opera to death metal, DSP processing gives you the option to make the most of the sound coming out of your speakers. Make kick drums hit harder and vocals sound smoother, and make it feel like you’re in the room with the musicians. If you tend to prefer classical or choral music, playing with the balance and sound delay settings on your XTRONS stereo can make you feel like you are in different parts of the room, and can really lend a three-dimensional feel to your listening. EQ presets make this simple, or you can take a deep dive into the graphic equaliser to really act as svengali.

Endless Customisation

With DSP, you’re able to tune your audio to your exact taste. Maybe you always loved this record, but the production was too thin? Perhaps this orchestral recording simply isn’t LOUD enough? Or maybe you simply want to listen to an answerphone message more clearly? All these applications are at your fingertips with DSP. It’s your audio in your environment, and now you can tune it however you want, and adapt it to the driving conditions every day.

Adding a stereo with built-in DSP can give you all the options you need to find your perfect sound. This feature is built into XTRONS PSD, PST, PSF, PSA, PSP, MA, QF and PME Series - any of these units gives you the ultimate control over your audio and makes every journey an auditory delight. Tune your music and hear everything in perfect detail with XTRONS.