Introducing the PSA Series!

Our new range of PSA Series car stereos are here! We have crammed some great features into this series, offering you new entertainment experiences all across the range. Whatever car you drive, our new PSA Series Stereos offer something to improve your journey.

Smart Design

The user interface has had a full redesign for this series, with ease of use at its heart. Designed to be perfectly intuitive, you can keep your most-used and recently-used apps on the home screen, and change as your heart desires. The new PIP (picture-in-picture) mode also means you can multitask effortlessly. Once you integrate a PSA series unit into your car’s dashboard, you have full control.

Built in CarPlay & Screen Mirroring

Simply connect your iPhone via a USB cable and you’re ready to go! CarPlay integrates your iPhone and your car stereo deeply, so you can use all the functions of your phone right there on your dashboard. Moreover, the units support Bluetooth, so you have even more options to get the best out of your smartphone. Get all your devices talking to each other seamlessly in your cabin.

Entertain Your Passengers

With full support for Screen Mirroring for mobile devices, and full RCA outputs for audio and video, your passengers need never be bored on a journey. With the dual zone function, you can transmit entertainment to the back seat while you navigate in the front, or listen to podcasts while your kids play games. These units are made for multi-tasking.

Perfect for Music Lovers

The built in DSP audio effects bring outstanding fidelity to your sound, along with a huge degree of customisation. Use the graphic equaliser or bass enhancement to make your music hit harder, and give your spoken word outstanding clarity. Don’t be afraid to tweak your sound to your exact specifications.

Our new PSA Series stereos are suited to many types of vehicle, and bring screen sharing and deeply customised sound to any journey. Browse our new range and you might just find the perfect fit.