Introducing the New QF Series

XTRONS new QF Series have landed! This new range of Android car stereos bring an exciting array of new features, with all the quality you’ve come to expect. Custom-fitted for BMWs, and compatible with the BMW iDrive entertainment system, these powerful stereos can be integrated into your car with the greatest of ease. Powerful new possibilities include - 

Built-in 4G

The powerful integrated 4G module connects you to powerful mobile data wherever you are. Compatible with 99% of mobile carriers worldwide, you can now access all manner of entertainment directly from your dashboard, along with all your messages, calls and voicemails. The QF series units can even be used as a 4G hotspot, so all your other devices can enjoy the same direct data streaming.

Huge Memory

The 128GB solid-state hard drive gives you a huge amount of stable memory to store apps, photos, audio and movies. A solid state hard drive runs faster and more efficiently, and withstands shock better than old-fashioned electromagnetic drives, meaning your entertainment runs silently and doesn’t get interrupted, even on rough roads. Support for 32 and 64 bit apps means that the processor in the QF series is absolutely up-to-the-minute, and will support even the newest applications.

Digital Sound Processing

Tune your audio however you want! The powerful sound processing in the QF series provides an array of studio-quality effects to really get your sound pumping. Equaliser and Smart Bass keeps your music clear and powerful, and makes spoken word jump out of the speakers. You can also adjust the balance and time delay, to ensure all of your passengers can listen in comfort. 

Dual User Interface

Your car, your rules! The dual user-interface design means that you can customise your home screen, and tinker with how your system works, allowing you to keep things fresh and always have things where you want them. Transform your interface and your dashboard.

XTRONS are always striving to be at the cutting edge of technology, and this new series brings older BMWs right up to speed with current innovations. The QF Series’ exciting features will breathe new life into your car, and make every journey a pleasant one. Have a look at our range, and see if you can find the perfect thing for your vehicle