Introducing – the New PME Series!

Powerful & Versatile

XTRONS new PME Series is here, bringing an incredible array of features to your car. From universal fit Double DIN models for use in many different vehicles, to a custom fitted model for your Volkswagen, Skoda or Seat, the PME series will breathe new life into your journey.

Solid-State Hard Drive

The high performance onboard CPU means you get access to all your features quickly and smoothly, whatever the driving conditions. Hugely efficient, the processor gives you fast rates of operation and enormous power for all your applications. Simply put, it’s like having a supercomputer, onboard and right there at your fingertips.

Android 10 Platform

The Android 10 platform gives you a hugely powerful and user-friendly experience, with everything operating as if it were a high-spec smartphone. If you are used to Android, then you will find navigating the PME series a breeze. Even if you are an iPhone user, you will find this platform utterly seamless, giving you smooth navigation along with 32 bit and 64 bit apps.

CarAutoPlay & Screen Mirroring

Easily integrate your smartphone with your XTRONS stereo with these great features. Simply connect your phone via USB cable or Bluetooth 5.0 to cast anything you like to the high-quality screen on the head unit. Improve your experience and personalise the inside of your cab.

Digital Sound Processing

Built-in DSP gives you deep control over all your audio. Muddy bass? Dial it out with the graphic equaliser. Spoken word not loud enough? Use the loudness setting to really make the sound cut through on noisy roads. Music doesn’t jump out at you? Use the presets to perfectly EQ your tracks by genre. Make the absolute most of your speakers and let the PME series turbocharge your entertainment.

Add these great features to the variety of formats that XTRONS PME Series comes in, and you have a range that will improve almost any vehicle. There is no need for fiddly measurements, complicated re-wiring, or any cutting or modifications of your dashboard. You can have incredible features with the minimum of fuss. Check out the range, and see if the PME series from XTRONS can improve your journey.