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Upgrade Your Car Stereo

Introducing: Our Latest Exciting Product, the PL9MTVD!

Upgrade your car stereo with the PL9MTVD – it's packed with innovative features that will truly enhance your driving experience, with everything you’d expect and more! Exclusively available on our outlet store.

Experience sleek sophistication with the PL9MTVD's unique appearance. Featuring silicone buttons and a standard long chassis, this stereo not only looks impressive, but also offers enhanced durability.

Additionally, the customised aluminium heat sink makes sure that installation is a breeze, while also providing improved stability and heat dissipation for optimal performance. Operating seamlessly on a Linux system, the unit delivers robust performance and broad compatibility with various software applications.

Want to enjoy your music, take calls or reply to messages? With the built-in wired and wireless Carplay and Android Auto support, you can do just that!

Utilise voice commands for hands-free operation while wireless screen mirroring lets you share videos and games on the large screen for added entertainment on the go. With the built-in DAB you don’t need to worry if you forget your phone, you can still listen to top-quality channels.

This new specially-designed product is launching exclusively on our outlet store, so you can get the latest product lines at reduced prices. Shop now and pick up a custom-designed XTRONS unit.