Getting Your Car Ready for Autumn

It’s back to school and the memories of summer seem far behind us! The shorter, colder days of autumn are not far away, and now is the time to start thinking about prepping your car for the coming season. In the UK, the clocks go back sometime in October, and with it come darker evenings, and damper air.

If you’ve already noticed that your car is starting to feel the pain of colder mornings, and slippier roads, then you need to follow our plan for getting your car ready for autumn.

Check all your water levels

With wetter roads and an increase in debris from roadside trees, your windscreen is going to start to look a whole lot dirtier. Now is a good time to check and top up your washer reservoirs – both front and back – not forgetting some washer fluid with some anti-freeze to keep ice at bay. Don’t forget to put a spare bottle of water in your car somewhere too in case you run out en-route. mountain-road

Check out your boot kit

Have you got your colder weather supplies on board? If not, then sort it out. Autumn days can provide challenges, and making sure that you have supplies in case of emergency is always a good idea. Have you got a blanket, and gloves and a woolly hat? What about a spare pair of sunglasses for that lower-angled sunlight?

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hat and gloves

Check your brakes

Wetter roads mean you’re more likely to slip and slide, so check your brakes before it is too late. Get your car inspected at a garage – some will do this for free – and check your brake fluid levels. Also, check your brake lights are working – you don’t want wetter roads to mean someone rear ends you because your lights didn’t show. car-1168156_1920

Check your lights

The evenings are going to start drawing in real soon so make sure your lights are working properly, especially your headlights, brake lights, and fog lights.

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Check your battery

With colder weather, a battery is less able to function. A battery which is already old and low-performing could give up completely on a cold morning, and it will be that morning you cannot under any circumstances, be late for work! Give it a test and if it looks to be flagging, then it could be a good time to get a new one. jumper-cables-926308_1920

Clear out that garage

Admit it, your garage rarely sees a car inside it does it? Your car would benefit from being under cover more often once the wintry weather strikes, and we’ve seen your garage, so best get started now, eh?. What’s the strangest thing you’ve found in your garage when tidying it out?

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clutter-360058_1920 Getting your car ready for autumn doesn’t mean a great deal of work, but it will mean a lot less work once winter kicks in. If you don’t think you should take any notice of our advice, then here’s Sean to tell you otherwise. Autumn meme