Get a FREE DVR by Posting an XTRONS Video!

Are you a budding Steven Spielberg, or just want to share your positive experience of one of our Android car stereos with others?

Until the end of 2016, we are giving away a DVR to everyone who uploads their very own video to the XTRONS Facebook wall. We are looking for videos which show others what your new XTRONS Android car stereo is all about and what it can do. Maybe you could show some of your favourite features, or demonstrate the sound quality, or well, whatever you feel like! A DVR is a great way of recording your journey, which could provide crucial evidence in case of an incident. Please have a look at our range of DVD recorders and all their features. A DVR is a useful addition to your vehicle’s tech collection. dvr To receive your FREE DVR, here’s what you need to do…… • Purchase an XTRONS Android car stereo unit. • Make a video which is at least 2 minutes in length, with clear video quality, and clean language. We only welcome positive feedback. We would like to share it on our social media channels, and we can’t if it doesn’t meet all this criteria. Here’s a sample video so you can see what we mean

• Upload it to our Facebook page. If you could add a quick description telling everyone which XTRONS Android car stereo your video is about, then that would be awesome.

That’s it! We will be in touch via direct message to arrange shipping of your FREE DVR digital journey recorder. Full Terms and Conditions are below. It really is that easy, so get shooting! dvr poster Come and follow us on Twitter Facebook YouTube Google+ RSS Here’s the full T&Cs of this very cool offer 1. The offer only applies to XTRONS Android car stereo series with verified purchase on or after the 12th September 2016. Purchases before this date will not qualify. 2. The video should be a minimum of 2 minutes long with clear video quality and clean language. Only positive feedback about units are welcome. For sample video please visit 3. Offer valid until 5pm on Saturday December 31st 2016 (UK time) 4. By submitting the video you are giving your consent to XTRONS to post it on any and all of their various social media channels 5. DVR must be taken as offered and is not transferable, refundable, or exchangeable for cash or kind. 6. XTRONS reserves the right to cancel or amend the event or the rules without notice at any time, if considered necessary by XTRONS in its opinion or if circumstances arise which are outside of XTRONS control.