Father’s Day Gift Guide

With Father’s Day fast approaching, we’ve put together the perfect gift shopping guide that’s suited to each and every Father out there! Looking for the perfect treat to give on Father’s Day? Our guide is here to help! For the “Organised Dad” You know the ones, the dads whose car is always looking top notch, tidy and clean with everything in its place.. Why not treat them to the ultimate accessory? The Universal Wireless CarPlay adapter. The wireless CarPlay adapter can make your factory installed wired CarPlay to wireless and put an end to messy wiring. The CP04 is compatible with factory-installed CarPlay unit.  🛒https://xtrons.co.uk/wireless-adapter-for-factory-installed-carplay  For the “Tech Loving Dad”  All the gear with every idea! Why not treat your tech loving Dad to the ultimate car upgrade.. A new car stereo! Even our entry level units come with the newest technology, and are compatible with the latest mobile operating systems, giving you access to thousands of apps to personalise your in-car experience. Custom designed to fit your vehicle perfectly, XTRONS Double DIN units are a standard size of 178mm x 100mm, which will fit most vehicles with the appropriate space. Fitting accessories are also available to suit your make and model. 🛒https://xtrons.co.uk/head-units/double-din-car-stereo For the “Music Loving Dad” You can’t beat listening to all your favourite songs whilst on a drive and technology allows us to listen to it wherever we go. That’s why our built in DSP head unit is the perfect gift. The PST/PSD series head unit has 30-band graphic equaliser, different sound position choices and other personal adjustments to let you enjoy the ultimate audio experience in the car. 🛒https://xtrons.co.uk/dsp-car-stereos For the “Taxi Driver Dad” For all the Taxi Driver Dad’s out there doing a great job transporting people from A to B, why not treat them to something that will make those journey’s a little easier? We have a huge selection of stereos which have easy to read user interfaces that enable you to operate the unit freely and conveniently on the way. Whilst high definition provides a crisp resolution, maximising your in-car entertainment experience. It also has the option to Hook up your head unit to any Bluetooth device and access music, share videos and make calls hands-free. 🛒 - https://xtrons.com/series/pa-series