Treat Your Old Man

Is there a special father figure in your life who would love nothing more than an in-car entertainment upgrade? Considering your dad’s car is, or has been, your personal taxi for many years' of your life, surely it’s time to repay the debt? Think of it this way, you too can benefit from many of the features of a modern car stereo! Take advantage of your favourite apps, quality sound systems, HD touch-screen technology resolution screen mirroring with your smartphone - making dad’s taxi even better! We’re giving you 2 weeks and 20% off to bag a bargain for a dad who deserves it. Below are some of our favourite head units on offer. Enjoy!





Looking for something more specific? Never fear, our Father’s Day Special range includes custom-fit car stereos for a whole host of makes and models! Be it a BMW, Mercedes or Ford, we have you covered.

Additional Accessories

Considering you’re making a little saving, why not add something extra to your basket? Our in-car entertainment range consists of hundreds of products that will improve the performance and safety of your car. From Journey Recorders to Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems, Wifi Dongles and more, we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love!