Easter Road Trip!

Spring is back, the clocks have sprung forward and the dark winter nights are starting to dissipate. What’s more, Easter and the school Easter holidays are just around the corner, but how do you make the most of your time off? It’s a great opportunity to take that trip away you’ve been dreaming of, and keeping your transport absolutely up to scratch is the best place to start. Make your trip a pleasant one with some of our in-car entertainment options, and keep your whole cab happy.

Android Headrest Screens

Even if you’re enjoying the drive, it’s possible that your passengers in the back seat might be getting restless. If you want to keep morale up and restore in-car harmony, you may find a headrest player is the perfect thing. Our range of Android Headrest Screens bring all kinds of media to your passengers, to ensure the end of boredom, even on long drives. Bluetooth connectivity, screen mirroring, full HD screens and multiple sound outputs mean that nothing is missing from your backseat entertainment suite.

New MA Series Stereos for Connectivity

When it’s time for a long journey, you need a stereo that has enough power to keep the entertainment flowing. Whether it’s music, phone calls, navigation or smartphone connection, XTRONS’ new MA Series has it all. The built-in 4G supports almost any carrier for a secure internet connection wherever, and the built-in DSP makes all your audio sound pristine and powerful. The MA70HGTLS for Toyota, the MA70M209 for Mercedes-Benz, or even the Universal Double-DIN DMA105L - all will get you a taste of the incredible power of the MA Series.

Safety First!

While entertainment is of course important when undertaking a long journey, perhaps even more so is the condition of your vehicle. A TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is a series of sensors that attach to your wheels, along with a dongle that connects to your stereo. This allows you to instantly view the condition of your tyres, as well as alerting you if anything is wrong. 

If you want to know more about the state of your engine, an OBDII Scanner can help you do just that. Designed to read diagnostic codes from your engine with the help of a bluetooth equipped smartphone, it can help you get to the bottom of warning lights, helping you to establish what’s gone wrong and how serious it is. Of course, ignore warning lights at your peril, but it can be helpful to know if it’s something that needs immediate attention or not.

Enhance Your Existing Entertainment

While we always believe an upgraded car stereo will improve your driving experience, sometimes we understand that the budget won’t stretch that far/ If your head unit is in need of a bit of modernising, you could try one of our DAB+ tuners, to add digital radio to your options, or even incorporate a Smartphone Dongle to access screen mirroring and more. Adding AppleCarPlay or Android Auto is in fact one of the easiest ways to extend your stereo’s functionality.

Whether you’re off on a long journey to see family this easter, or simply enjoying the improved weather and longer daylight hours on your usual commute. We want you to enjoy your drive. Upgrade your entertainment and you and your passengers can enjoy the road this spring, and every single mile.