Dont Let The Sunshine Ruin Your Screen

We have all been there. Brand new device, a few minutes to catch up on some screen time, and lo and behold, a shaft of light from 146 million km away, directly aimed with precision at your 7" of earthly screen, just at that very moment to have the maximum possible negative impact on the entertainment experience. It's as if Apollo, the God of light himself has made it his mission to counter any proactive attempt you make to ramp up the resolution and pixel count.

We feel your pain.

Many of our customers love watching movies in the car, whilst stationary. That 10 minute wait for your child's ballet class to finish, or that 1 hour whilst the wife handles the Tesco shop suddenly go from being a wasted void in time, to being an opportunity to watch 'that Episode of Friends' or some geek focused car review on Youtube.

Screen glare is the enemy. And so that you don't have to resort to moving the car to the nearest tree, or watching through squinted vision, we have a solution.

Q Series - Anti-Reflective Screens

Our brand new Q series not only features a huge screen. It features a huge screen, you can even watch in sunlight. Introducing the Q Series, arch enemy of Apollo, Nemesis of glare, and the reason you need to say goodbye to squinting, which is so 2010s! With anti-glare, you might actually have understood why Kevin Spacey stopped limping at the end of The Usual Suspects, and why the whole Tyler Durden storyline just seemed a bit odd.

The Q Series, offers some jaw dropping features taking us into the new decade nicely.

1. Anti-reflective IPS screen with G+G full fit technology. The Anti-reflective screen enables you to see clearly from any position, even with strong light. IPS technology makes it display clear from any angle, and the G+G full fit technology makes the touch screen even more responsive.

2. Built-in 4G, meaning connectivity online without any extra dongles.

3. Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.0 GHz processor, the leading chipset for aftermarket car stereos.

4. Keep your original car stereo functions like iDrive system, amplifier system, original CD player etc.

Xtrons QBTS89CC is the first model from Xtrons Q series. It is a leading aftermarket stereo especially designed for BMW with Anti-Glare screen. Compatible with BMW 3 Series E 90 (2005- 2008) CCC and BMW 5 Series E60 (2005-2008) CCC.

Noticeable Difference?

Visually our anti-glare tech is undistinguishable from any other screen. However dazzling light will be diminished, leaving you with better viewing angles, better clarity, and perfect viewing all year round.

As well as watching videos, the screen tech also comes into it's own with standard car and nav functionality such as maps. Leaving you frustration free to enjoy your journey!