Best-selling Universal Car Stereos from XTRONS in 2021

If you have an old vehicle which needs an upgrade on the factory radio, but can’t find a custom fit one available, we’d highly recommend you get a universal car stereo from XTRONS.

XTRONS, the leading in-car entertainment solution provider, offers a huge range of professional universal car stereos. Here we have curated the 5 best-selling ones.

Best-selling Double DIN Car Stereo with Qualcomm 665 Processor 6GB RAM 128GB ROM - TIQ702L

XTRONS TIQ702L stands out with its ultimate high performance hardware, Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 processor, 6GB RAM and 128GB ROM. It always keeps performance and stability at its best.

In addition, it features 4K video playback, Qualcomm integrated 4G LTE module (Supports Asian and European carriers), Grade-A display, TDA7850 amplifier chip, STMicroelectronics MCU, Audiophile-grade DSP, Wireless CarPlay, fully-featured Android Auto and more.

With a 7” screen and Double DIN size, it fits cars perfectly after installing, just like the original stereo.

Best-selling Double DIN Car Stereo with built-in Gravity Sensor - TIB110LN

XTRONS TIB110LN is our first double DIN car stereo which has a built-in gravity sensor and a 10.1” rotatable screen. Thanks to the built-in gravity sensor, you can enjoy a perfect display experience in either landscape mode or portrait mode. This enables you to see more content at a single glance and stay focused. You can rotate the screen to any angle you want to.

Equipped with the latest octa-core processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, it is one of the top performance car stereos available today.

It is also our first universal car stereo equipped with the Bluetooth aptX feature. This enables you to enjoy high fidelity wireless audio, just like using wired headphones.

Best-selling Single DIN Car Stereo with Top Performance GPU and HDMI Output - DQ102L

If you pursue powerful performance, you won’t go wrong by choosing the DQ102L. It is equipped with the PX6 Hexacore processor which offers incredible performance and improved power efficiency for its processing architecture.

DQ102L supports HDMI output which is not available from many other units, so you can share the high definition video and high quality audio with all passengers in your vehicle. What’s more, it also supports Bluetooth aptX technology which enables you to enjoy wireless high fidelity audio, comparable to wired headphones.

The 10.1” screen with rotatable angle and frameless 2.5D bezel design makes DQ102L an exclusive model from XTRONS. This design enables you to avoid light reflections and get the best view every single time.

Best-selling Double DIN Car Stereo with Integrated Global 4G LTE Solution - TMA105S

XTRONS TMA105S is part of XTRONS high-end MA Series Android Car Stereo product line. It has powerful hardware such as an Octa-core processor running up to 2.5GHz, 4GB DDR4 RAM, 64GB ROM and a 10.1” Grade-A screen.

It supports loads of terrific features; CarPlay, Android Auto, DSP, AHD Compatibility and integrated 4G LTE (Supports 99% of carriers) that every car owner will really appreciate. This 4G solution makes it easier than ever to enjoy every app online.

What’s more, this unit has a built-in DVD player, allowing you to play different regions of CDs and DVDs.

Best-selling Double DIN Car Stereo at an Attractive Price - TSN100LS

XTRONS TSN100LS is the best-selling fully functional universal double DIN car stereo in its price range. It is equipped with a Cortex-A35 CPU and industry-standard components, so you can enjoy better app compatibility, enhanced performance and optimised battery usage.

Regarding features, it never falls behind at all with the built-in CarAutoPlay, Android Auto, Built-in DSP, Full RCA Output, Instant Reversing Mode, 4x50watt amplifier output and much more.