Best-selling Overhead Players from XTRONS in 2021

If you’d like to make your road trips more enjoyable, getting an overhead player is one of the best options. As a leading in-car entertainment provider, XTRONS offers the widest choice of professional overhead screens, from conventional monitors to modern Android players.

To save you time and energy, here we have curated the best-selling Overhead players from XTRONS in 2021.

Best-selling Android Car Overhead Player with Touch Screen - CM158TA

XTRONS has released the first ever Android car overhead player product line, with a powerful Octa-core processor, 8K Video, HDR10+ technology and a FHD IPS screen.

CM158TA is part of this high-end product line. It has all these great features and makes them even better, bringing a touch screen to an Android overhead player for the first time. Now it is possible to simply swipe to get access to tons of media content any time.

Of course, you can also connect lots of other devices through USB/IR/Bluetooth/HDMI and the screen mirroring feature.

Best-selling Car Overhead Monitor with FHD IPS Screen - CM173HD

XTRONS CM173HD comes with a 17.3” FHD IPS screen, which is a perfect fit for Coaches, Buses and Motorhomes. The 1920x1080 FHD screen resolution makes it one of the highest resolution roof mounted monitors out there. Your passengers can enjoy their favourite media files in breathtaking detail.

This car roof monitor offers all the classic ways to share content with your passengers through the USB/SD/HDMI ports. With the built-in infrared & FM transmitter, you can decide on the suitable sound output option depending on your needs.

Best-selling Android Car Overhead Player with Super Narrow Bezel - CM125A

XTRONS CM125A is another powerful car-roof player from our Android overhead product line. Similarly, it has all the great features of an Octa-core processor, 12.5” 1920x1080 IPS screen, 8K video playback and HDR10+ as well as broad connectivity: HDMI/AV IN/IR/FM connection and more.

The best part of it is the super narrow bezel design, making CM125A the perfect Android overhead player. It looks so luxurious that any passenger will be wowed, while the design ensure that the product is tough and hard wearing.

Best-selling Car Overhead Monitor with Ultra-thin Design - CM101HD

XTRONS CM101HD is our classic; it has been our best-selling ultra-thin roof mounted monitor for multiple years. It has a 10.2” HD digital widescreen with a 180° max open angle, a compact and exquisite design and supports 1080P video playback and HDMI input. The unit also has a blue atmospheric LED light bar, positive and negative door control and FM/IR audio output options - still the most required features today.

We have made continuous improvements, making it the evergreen best-selling overhead monitor. We will soon be adding a steel grey and a cashmere beige variant, to offer even more options for your vehicle’s interior when buying.

Best-selling Car Overhead Monitor with Large 19.5” IPS Screen - CM195HD

XTRONS CM195HD is the largest overhead monitor available in the market, with a super large 19.5” IPS screen. It shows vivid colours in every tiny detail, and brings your pictures and movies to life with its cinematic display. It is a perfect fit for coaches, buses and motorhomes.

Although it is large, it looks exquisite with the sleek and elegant virtual touch buttons and colourful aura light bar. Likewise, it enables you to play media from many sources through the HDMI/USB/AV input and more.

Better yet, it has built-in speakers; this means you can achieve sound directly without the necessity of connecting external speakers or headphones.