Best-Selling Headrest Screens of 2021

Best-selling Headrest Screens/DVDs from XTRONS

Are your kids restless in the back seat on long road trips? A headrest player would be the perfect thing to keep them entertained. They offer a fantastic interactive entertainment experience from the comfort of their seats.

Let’s take a look at the best-selling headrest players of 2021 from XTRONS, a top in-car entertainment provider.

Best-selling Android Car Headrest Player with Android 10 - HM135AS

The XTRONS HM135AS Octa-core Android car headrest player comes with an up-to-date Android 10 operating system and a 1920x1080 FHD screen. This provides the latest entertainment experience for rear-seat passengers.

The design looks so luxurious that every passenger will admire it.

It is easy to interact with it to play games, stream music, watch videos and do anything else you want. And that’s not all - you can also use screen mirroring to project media files to it from more devices, including Android and iOS ones.

Best-selling Android Car Headrest Player with Panasonic Screen - HM118A

If you’d like the highest resolution Octa-core Android headrest player, then you mustn’t miss the XTRONS HM118A. It features the 1920x1280 Panasonic screen which has 18% higher pixel density than a 1080P FHD one.

Similarly, it has a luxury ultra-thin design, varied themes, ambient light, automatic light sensor and powerful features - 2K video, ultimate audio, screen mirroring and tons of connectivity options.

It also comes with professional packaging, making it a great gift to send to your friends or family.

Best-selling Ultra-thin Car Headrest Monitor - HM117HD

XTRONS HM117HD is a portable headrest monitor with an ultra-thin design and ingenious buttons. It looks so neat and beautiful after installation in your car, and you can even take it home to use.

It comes with an IPS screen, built-in speakers and HDMI/AV/USB/SD input ports, making it easy to enjoy digital media. Simply insert devices and gadgets, such as a car stereo, digital TV box, USB drive, SD card and more.

Best-selling Bracket Mount Headrest DVD Player - HD111

If you have a CD/DVD collection which you want to share with your passengers in-car, the HD111 headrest monitor with a slot-loading DVD drive would be one of the best choices. The slot-loading DVD player makes it easy to insert or withdraw discs, making it safe to operate in-car any time.

Besides playing CDs and DVDs, your passengers can also play 32 bit games with the game disc and remote control that come with the package. If you’d like to add a digital TV box or a car stereo etc. to stream music or video, you can simply connect it through the HDMI port or RCA ports.

Best-selling Pillow Mount Headrest DVD Player - HD908D

XTROND HD908D is the best automotive-grade headrest DVD player out there on the market. The slot-loading DVD player makes it easy to insert or withdraw DVDs, making it safe to operate in-car any time.

The zipper design and detachable cover makes it fit your car’s original style perfectly, making it even more stylish.

It also supports HDMI input, USB input, SD input, RCA input and audio input options, making it easy to enjoy different media files and games in-car.