Best Driving Apps for your Android Phone

There is an almost limitless array of apps available for your Android smartphone. With so many companies competing for your attention, it can be difficult to choose which one is right for you. The good news - there are plenty of high-quality options, whatever functions you’re looking for. From apps that help with the day-to-day, to apps that make your journey more enjoyable. There are even apps that can help you work more effectively on the move. To help you make sense of the different types of driving apps available, we’ve listed some of our favourites by type below. Whatever your needs are, there is certain to be something useful here.

Utility - Improve the Drive


Find your way, accurately and effortlessly. Plan your journey and receive real-time updates as you drive.
  • Google Maps - Google’s comprehensive and hugely powerful navigation tool
  • Navigon - Accurate navigator with international coverage. 7 days free trial.
  • Waze - Popular free mapping app, updateable and based on user traffic updates
  • HERE WeGo - Perfect for city streets and urban driving
  • Sygic - For accurate offline GPS maps

Speed Cameras

Detect speed cameras and radar before you hit them. Make your ride safer, obey traffic rules and avoid pesky fines!
  • CamSam - hugely popular and comprehensive satellite based system
  • Blitzer POI Base - free and upgradeable with voice settings and European routes

Fuel Saving

Never run out of fuel again!. Find your nearest petrol stations and compare fuel prices to ensure you get the best deals. autumn car accessories

File Managers

Keep your files organised and work effectively, all the from the convenience of your smartphone.

Entertainment - Improve the Experience

Car Launchers

Alternative ways of accessing your entertainment in-car, and of operating your phone’s software.

Music Players

Expand your entertainment with these premium audio players. Perfect for a large mp3 or podcast library, or for tweaking your sound to your exact preferences. Headphones for car headrest

Radio & Streaming

Stream music and other audio directly from the internet using your smartphone. Bring a whole world of entertainment with you on your journey.
  • XiiaLive Pro - Internet radio streaming with access to over 50,000 stations
  • Deezer - Huge worldwide streaming service for music and podcasts
  • TuneIn Radio - Sport, music and podcasts, live or on-demand
  • Radio Online - PCRADIO - Specialises in low bandwidth streaming, preserving battery and mobile data
  • App Radio - Specialists in international and worldwide radio streaming