The Best Dash Cams at Xtrons


Dash cams are an accessory you wouldn’t have expected to see in people’s everyday cars, they were more commonly seen in police cars and emergency service vehicles. But, recently, their popularity has skyrocketed after people realised their potential and are now using the footage captured as evidence in case of an accident.

  For personal protection reasons, dash cams are becoming one of those must-have accessories for drivers and that’s something we’ve taken note of. In turn, we’ve stocked up and currently sell some of the best quality dash cams on the market, all at affordable great prices.    

Dash Cams We Stock

  Most of our dash cams are a universal fit which means they can be connected to any car stereo.    

Android Car Stereo Dash Camera - DVR015

  This dash cam is by far our most compatible entry, fitting a huge range of our Android car stereos. The dynamic HD camera has a wide 100 degree angle to ensure as much of the road as possible is captured. The setup is about as easy as it gets; just insert the DVR cable into the USB port of the car stereo, mount your dash cam and you’re ready to go.   Dash cam DVR015  

BUY NOW > £24.99


Universal Dash Camera - RH7D

  As a multi-use video recorder, this unit is designed to be used as both a rearview mirror and a front camera DVR. The built-in 4.3” 1080p screen means you can see exactly what is being recorded in real-time, all in high resolution, so you get a clear and vivid picture. To ensure that the maximum amount of footage is being captured the unit can rotate and record up to 6 meters away.   Dash Cam r7hd  

BUY NOW > £74.99


Universal USB Dash Camera - DVR019

  The DVR019 is arguably the most versatile of our dash cams, needing just a USB port to set it up and start recording. The rotatable lens allows a full 360 degree view of your surroundings meaning you’ll never miss a thing, after all, the lens alone can cover a massive 140 degree of vision. Don’t worry about when the sun goes down either because this DVR has a trick up it’s sleeve: night vision. This means that those late night drives won’t go unseen.   Dash cam dvr019  

BUY NOW > £24.99


Single DIN Android Car Stereo Dash Camera - DVR717

  This camera is another addition to our list which has an incredibly easy USB setup. Just plug it into the D717AL car stereo and start recording in HD 720p instantly. The crystal clear quality combined with the wide angle lens makes for the complete dash cam recording experience. You can guarantee that in the event of an accident, with this on your dash, you’ll have the sufficient footage to back your claim.   Dash cam dvr717  

BUY NOW > £38.99


Affordable Dash Cams

  For what is now an almost essential car accessory for staying safe on the road, we like to make sure that our dash cams are of the highest quality at the most affordable price. With all the essential features ranging from HD resolution to 360 degree rotation and wide angle lens view, there’s nothing you’ll be missing out on.    

Dash Cams at Xtrons

  Our range of dash cams is constantly improving, with the aim of providing protection for a plethora of different vehicle makes and models. Please make sure you read the product description to see if our cameras are compatible with your vehicle, before purchasing.