Best Car Gadgets – At Xtrons

Have you secured your perfect car stereo upgrade and are now looking for something a little extra, just to add the finishing touch? Well, here at Xtrons, we’ve got a huge catalogue of the best car gadgets money can buy, giving you complete in-car entertainment!

Whether it’s dash cam’s you’re looking for or even tyre pressure monitoring systems, to improve the safety of your car, or for WiFi dongles to keep the entertainment streaming, we’ve got it al. 

We take road safety and in-car entertainment very seriously, so we’re here to tick both off the list by providing you with some of the best car gadgets on the market today! 

Indulge in our top picks of the best car gadgets currently on offer here at Xtrons:

Best Car Gadgets - Dash Cams

Our dash cams are a great way to track your journey. Recording to capture the wonderful scenery or in preparation should any accidents occur. We have a range of journey recorders and dash cams some of which automatically detect the journey scene when the vehicle starts.

Dash Cam | DVR025S

£39.99 Buy Now >

Dash Cam | DVR023

£24.99 Buy Now >

Best Car Gadgets - 3G/4G Dongles

We stock some of the best Dongles on the market, that are designed to provide a high-speed and wireless performance to enhance your car stereo. With a faster wireless connection, you can get a better internet experience for downloading, gaming, video streaming and more! Our dongles not only work as a 3G/4G receiver, but as a USB WiFi router too, making them one of the best car gadgets we offer!

Dongle | 4GDONG001

£38.99 Buy Now >

Dongle | 3GDONG008

£27.99 Buy Now >

Best Car Gadgets - TPMS

Tyre Pressure Monitors are designed specifically to increase driving safety whilst on the road by providing real-time up-to-date information of your vehicle's tyre conditions. They are capable of monitoring and providing the following alerts: Tire Leaking Alert, High & Low Pressure Alert, High Temperature Alert, Low Voltage Alert & Sensor Failure Alert, cementing them as a truly great car gadget. 

Tyre Pressure Monitor System | TPMS03

£69.99 Buy Now >

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System | TPMS07

£63.99 Buy Now >

Best Car Gadgets - Reversing Cameras

Do you have trouble parallel or reverse parking and are worried that you are going to hit something because of a blind spot? Our reversing cameras offer the perfect solution, giving you eyes in the back of your head. For many, these are our best car gadget, as they provide a level of confidence. 

Reversing Camera | CAM24V01

£24.99 Buy Now >

Reversing Camera | CAM006

£19.99 Buy Now >

Other Gadgets at Xtrons

The above mentioned accessories are only the tip of the iceberg, just to give you a taster of the best car gadgets that we offer. If you’d like to explore our full range of gadgets, you can do so on our website.

If it’s other products you’re after such as car stereos, headrests or dropdown monitors, you can find our latest offerings online also. Alternatively, you can head over to our Facebook page for updates on latest product releases, videos and more!