Introducing – Alfa Romeo & Citroen Car Stereos

We’re excited to reveal that we’ve now added Alfa Romeo and Citroen to our extensive range of custom fit car stereos. 

As you may well know, here at Xtrons we’re forever expanding our range of car stereos, to incorporate as many different makes as models as possible, ensuring no customer is left out. 

Both of these brand new units feature the exceptional Android Pie 9.0 technology and innovative user interfaces. Designed specifically for the user and providing fluid navigation of your favourite applications, enjoying in-car entertainment couldn’t be easier.

Embrace our brand new additions, below.

Alfa Romeo Car Stereo

Alfa Romeo are known as one of the best selling affordable, luxury cars on the market and therefore have amassed a huge following over many years. With some of the most popular models of Alfa being the 159, Brera and Spider, we’ve been on a quest to add these models to the list of vehicles we cater for.

Alfa Romeo Custom Fit Android Pie 9.0 Car Stereo - IN79ARAPL

This unit is not only a brand new custom fit for Alfa Romeo, it’s also a member of our recent release of IN Series car stereos, featuring a re-invigorated UI. Utilising an incredible operating system, this unit pulls together everything you could possibly need from you in-car entertainment into a neatly wrapped package.

  • The Ultra High Efficiency Processor.
  • Vehicle Specific Hardware.
  • Optimum Performance.

Alfa Romeo Models: 159 (939) (2005-2011), Brera (939) (2005-2010), Spider (939) (2006-2010)

Buy Now £259.99

Citroen Car Stereo

Citroen has worked it’s through the ranks as a big name in the automotive world, offering a huge range of both affordable and reliable models. It’s no secret that the Citroen C4 is one of the most popular vehicles on the road today, so for us it was a no brainer to accommodate the owners with fantastic in-car entertainment options.

Citroen Custom Fit Android Pie 9.0 Car Stereo - PST19C4C

For our first Citroen car stereo we wanted to make sure we did it right, so we included a 10.1” fully immersive HD display that supports 1080p video playback. Not only is the screen crystal clear, it’s also curved and dual layered allowing the touch glass layer to be highly sensitive while the surface tempered glass is scratch, crack and corrosion resistance.
  • The Professional Design inside & out.
  • Driver-Friendly Intuitive User Interface.
  • Ultimate Audio Experience.

Citroen Models: C4 4-door sedan (2010-2018), For Citroen C4 5-door hatchback (2010-2018)

Buy Now £259.99

Other Custom Fit Car Stereos

Our custom fit car stereo range includes around 250 car stereos and caters for up to 60 different models such as BMW, Audi, VW, Mercedes and more! Spanning from Android 6.0 to the latest Android 9.0 operating system, there is plenty of choice available, all at great value for money.

Car stereos at Xtrons

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