Earn Commission With XTRONS – For Affiliates & Influencers

Do you currently run a successful social media account or blog? It’s time to start thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer with XTRONS.

For the uninitiated, affiliate marketing is a great way for you, as an influencer, to make money by recommending our products to your audience. Learn how to become an affiliate and earn money from your usual content.

How It Works

We use the global affiliate marketing platform, Awin. Here, we’re able to connect with like-minded creatives who can help us extend our reach and find new audiences.

Through Awin, influencers, like yourself, can sign up to become an official affiliate marketer for XTRONS. And, once set up, you can create special, trackable links that can be added to your bios, posts, or anywhere else clickable on your platform. These links will let Awin know where new customers have come from, allowing us to attribute certain sales to your content. Then, if someone uses your link to buy an XTRONS product, you will earn at least 5%* commission.

Plus, you can monitor your success through your personal Awin dashboard, which displays a range of analytics like clicks, conversion rate, sales volume, and commission earned.

As an affiliate, you will also have access to important promotions, banners, creative images, copy/wording, and promotional discount codes.

The Benefits

  • Earn commission by posting your usual content.
  • Track your success as your impact grows.
  • Easy to set-up and offers a passive way to generate extra income.
  • Low risk and super flexible.
  • Get access to exclusive content and deals to share with your audience.
  • Join a community of XTRONS affiliates helping us deliver the ultimate in-car experience.

Join Now

Already got an Awin account? Find us by searching XTRONS [ID: 36028].

Haven’t got an Awin account yet? Join Awin as a Publisher, and create your account to connect with XTRONS. Join here: https://ui.awin.com/publisher-signup/en/awin/.

If you are primarily active on Instagram, that's great! Awin now offers express signup for creators who mainly operate on Instagram.

*commission rates can be renegotiated and reassessed depending on performance.