A Guide to the New PSF Series

Introducing XTRONS all-new PSF Series stereos!

The new PSF Series from XTRONS is here, with a range of incredible features -

Built-in Apple Car Play & Android Auto

Connect your iPhone or Android smartphone wirelessly to your stereo, safely and effortlessly. Display your mobile content on your head unit, or control your phone's software right from your dashboard. No wires, no dongles, no add-ons - all built-in and ready to use.

Built-in DSP Audio

Make the most of your audio with the built-in DSP sound effects. The graphic equaliser means you can make precise adjustments. Make the bass boom? Trim harsh high frequencies? No problem. The units also feature bass and loudness filters for easy adjustment, as well as sound field adjustment, so your audio finds you perfectly in your driving position.


View two apps at once with the PIP (picture-in-picture) function. Perfect for multitasking and for keeping things clear on your display. Display one app as a pop up window while the other displays on the main screen.

Solid Buttons

Solid, physical buttons give convincing feedback and provide a lifetime of use. Simple operation and robust build quality.

Complete with the custom XTRONS user interface, the PSF Series has everything you need to make the most of your mobile entertainment, from the comfort of the driver's seat. Browse the range and see if there is something to suit your vehicle.