A Guide to Roof-Mounted Entertainment

At XTRONS, a lot of our products are geared towards the driver. Be it our head units or our range of accessories, we want to make sure you have everything you need in your driving seat. However, we also want to ensure your passengers have the best and most enjoyable journey possible. Our range of roof-mounted products are designed with just that in mind - to keep your passengers entertained, and to bring the great XTRONS experiences into your back seat as well as the front.

Android Roof-Mounted Players

XTRONS line of Android roof players represent the pinnacle of technology for your passengers. From an Android 9.0 platform, you can use all of your favourite apps directly on the screen, use the built-in Wi-Fi to create a local network, and use the high-powered speakers to broadcast throughout the cab.

The CM179A has a huge 17.3” IPS screen that resolves Full HD images and video, giving you exceptional clarity, even at this huge size. For smaller vehicles, the CM116A has a (relatively) petite 11.6” display, but still displays the same HD quality images, for perfect definition at any size.

With the virtual onscreen touch-buttons, and the aura ambient lighting, these units even look good when not in use, so there is no need to compromise your car’s interior for these great Android features. 

Roof-Mounted DVD Players

Perhaps you have a treasured collection of DVDs that you keep for posterity, or you have a library of crowd favourites to keep your kids entertained? XTRONS roof-mounted DVD players mean that you don’t need to leave these at home.

The CR9033B is one of our popular choices, offering a multi-region DVD player, as well as USB and SD Card inputs, at a realistic price. The 9” screen is sharp and focused, and the multiple audio outputs mean there is huge flexibility on offer. The unit is also available in Cream or Grey as well as Black, to perfectly match your vehicle’s interior.

The CR1506VS ups the ante with a huge 15.6” widescreen, so your passengers can watch films in immersive cinematic quality. It also supports HDMI inputs, so you can even bring your favourite gaming console out on the road with you.

Roof-Mounted Monitors

If you prefer to keep your roof-mounted technology slim, we also have a great range of roof-mounted monitors. These simply focus on showing a wide range of content in the best way possible, with full HD screens and huge displays. The CM195HD is our biggest screen yet, with an enormous 19.5” display.

While it is perfect for larger vehicles, even in smaller ones it offers a truly immersive experience, quite unlike what you might expect from a roof monitor. For smaller vehicles, the CM101HD is a great choice, offering all the great design features at a much more manageable size.

If you want to focus on your passengers' comfort and entertainment, there is no better place to look than XTRONS. Our range of roof mounted screens bring all kinds of media into your back seat. Every journey can be made in style and comfort, and no one will ever be bored, whatever your journey.