A Guide to Car Headrest Players

We all know the scenario. A long and gruelling journey has barely started, when the feared cry from the back seat comes up - “ARE WE THERE YET?” Keep boredom at bay, and keep your back-seat passengers entertained with XTRONS incredible range of headrest-mounted monitors and headrest DVD players. There is something for every brand and style of car, in various sizes and at various price points., so you’re bound to find something to help while away the miles.

HM135AS - Android 10, 13.3” Screen

When only the best will do, this player has a huge 13.3” screen for maximum impact. Running on a customised Android 10 platform, the player comes with a Full HD display, built-in wi-fi, integrated speakers and a full suite of input options. This unit is the ultimate powerhouse for entertainment and is perfect for larger vehicles, where there is space to appreciate the incredible display.

HD928TBD - Pillow mounted, touchscreen, Slot Loading DVD Player

This pair of fully touchscreen units has 1080 pixel 9” displays for perfect resolution, so both of your backseat passengers can watch whatever they please with great clarity. The slot-loading DVD player keeps everything neat and tidy, and the HDMI input means you can input anything from a hard drive to a games console.

HM118A - Full HD Touchscreen, Bracket Mounted, Android 10

The incredible display on this unit is the highlight, giving incredible HD pictures on the 2K Panasonic widescreen. On top of that you have a powerful Android 10 operating system, a host of input options, built-in wi-fi and support for lossless audio. A truly awesome performer. The unit is also bracket-mounted, for easy installation, with no modifications necessary.

HD111 - Region-free DVD player, 32-bit Gaming

This region-free DVD player allows you to play movies from all over the world without hassle. THe HDMI input and 32bit game support means you can insert your favourite console and game right from the back seat of your car! Immerse yourself in the world of you favourite game, even while on a short journey. The sleek and stylish design means your interior is improved, even when the player is not being operated.

If you would prefer to leave your headrests untouched, and would prefer a roof-mounted player, we have a huge range of those here to choose from.

XTRONS are always expanding our range to accommodate new advances in technology, and aim to provide for a huge range of vehicles. Have a look at our range and you’re sure to find something to improve your journey, and end backseat boredom!