7" 1080P Video Motorized Touch Screen Double Din Car DVD Player with GPS Navigation

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WinCE enabled
Microsoft Windows CE (WinCE) provides a familiar & seamless user interface & functionality.
ex_mic_icon enabled
Making hands-free Bluetooth easier and safer, as callers can hear you with improved clarity. Optional mic required.
dvr_icon enabled
External DVR helps to record your journeys for added peace of mind, ultimately improving your safety and security on our busy roads. Optional DVR required.
reversing_cam_icon enabled
Have confidence when reversing. Reversing cameras help you to see clearly what’s behind you. Optional camera required.
bluetooth enabled
Hook up your head unit to any Bluetooth device and access music, share videos and make calls hands-free.
dvd enabled
Enjoy the full DVD experience from the comfort of your own car.
gps enabled
Licensed Kudos maps for Windows CE models. Google Maps, iGo, Sygic are available for download on Android models, so you never get lost.
hd enabled
High Definition provides a crisp resolution, maximising your in-car entertainment experience.
ipod enabled
Enjoy i-Pod connectivity & make a play-list fit for any journey.
rds enabled
The built-in radio tuner with RDS enabled gives you 18FM & 12AM stations as well as live updates.
sd enabled
The SD card portal allows for additional access to your personal files and information, for easy exchanges.
touch_screen enabled
Multi-touch screen, provides a remarkably fluid and intuitive operation.
threeg enabled
Enjoy the ability to roam the internet freely without restriction. Optional dongle required.
usb enabled
A built-in USB port to upload, download & connect your music, files and information on the move.

7" 1080P Video Motorized Touch Screen Double Din Car DVD Player with GPS Navigation

•At the First Sight:
Ultra-clear 1080P Video Enjoyment 
Adjustable Viewing Angle
Powerful Hardware,High Performance ( Processor: A8, CPU: 800M )
Efficient Heat Dissipation
Supports Phonebook Contacts Search

•XTRONS Unique UI - Bright and Distinct
XTRONS unique designed UI enables smooth and quick operation of the stereo while driving on the road. What's more, by a simple drag of the icons on the unit, you can place the icons on the home screen any way you wish.

•Multiple Adjustable Viewing Angles
Adjust the viewing angles to the optimal position, to make the most out of your multimedia experience.

•Supports Full HD 1920 * 1080 Format
With a 7" HD TFT digital screen, a variety of video formats in your USB & SD card ot even on the Youtube and more can all be played on this unit with the best visual effects. Supports up to 1920 * 1080 pixels ( 1080P ) full HD resolution, and compatible with also 1360 * 768 ( 768P ), 1280 * 720 ( 720P ), 1024 * 576 ( 576P ) and the lower definition resolution video files.

•Powerful Hardware, High Performance ( Processor: A8, CPU: 800M )
The Fastest Head Unit in Aftermarket Car Stereos
Lighting fast performance enables you to multitask with ease, such as: searching, streaming and navigation.
Faster GPS Navigation(Built-in GPS)

Faster navigation in real time
Faster GPS and DVD loading
Dual Zone Function
Dual zone allows you to play DVD / Radio / Music while navigating. ( Passengers can also enjoy the video feed in the back using the AV output from the unit. )
Easy Navigation
With speed camera warnings, multi-stop route and planning and points of interest, getting to your destination fast, safe and convenient.
GPS Specifications
Operating System: Microsoft Windows CE.NET 6.0
GPS Baud: 9600

•Efficient Heat Dissipation
Thickened aluminum heat sink enables this unit to exhaust the additional heat quickly.
Heat Sink: 5mm

•Hands Free, Phonebook Transfer
Access the Phonebook, call logs, search contacts by name, make hands free calls, customize the pairing code and listen to Bluetooth music.

•Steering Wheel Control Ready
Take control of the music safely and concentrate on the road ahead. This unit can work with the analog steering wheel control of the vehicle.

•Virtual 10 CDC
Copy all the files from a CD ( maximum 10 discs ) without any distortion to a USB drive, play them at any time without having the CD in the drive.

•Custom Skins
Customise the themes or choose from the 10 presets.

•111 Kinds of Popular Boot Up Logos are Optional
Choose from the 111 kinds of popular logos as your boot up screen.

•3 Available Modes
Three available modes for your choice to better suit your needs: Day, Night, OFF.

•Built-in Radio Tuner ( RDS Enabled )
Radio station perset. Store up to 18 FM stations and 12 AM stations.

Variable Colour Buttons
Choose from Blue or White back lighting to match your vehicles dashboard.

Optional Accessories to Perfect your User Experience
Optional accessories to make the stereo better suits your needs.
Get quick easy control of the iPod / iPhone including charging and basic controls ( track up / down and pause ), iPod playlist and song information. Support IOS system and iPhone version up to iPhone 6 / 6 Plus. Need the iPod function, get XTRONS IPODDONGO1 from us! ( XTRONS IPODDONGO1 is compatible with this unit. )
Browse on the Internet with ease with 3G, 3G dongle ( optional ), need it, inquire us now! ( XTRONS 3GDONG006 is compatible with this unit. )
External DVR ( Optional ), help you record your journey on the road. ( XTRONS DVR 007 is compatible )
External Microphone ( Optional ) makes the hands free Bluetooth easier and safer. ( XTRONS MIC001 & MIC002 are compatible )
External front and rear reversing camera ( both are optional ) ensure the safety of your driving. Supports NTSC / PAL signal input. ( XTRONS reversing camera series are compatible. )


1 X ISO Wiring Harness
1 X USB Cable
1 X DVR Cable
1 X User Manual
1 X GPS Antenna
1 X Surrounding
2 X Fitting Kits
4 X Screws