7" Android 5.1 Lollipop 64 Bit Operating System Quad Core Car DVD Player with Screen Mirroring Function & OBD2 for Opel

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Android 5.1 enabled
Android Lollipop: intelligent and advanced, smarter and faster than a lot of desktop computers.
ex_mic_icon enabled
Making hands-free Bluetooth easier and safer, as callers can hear you with improved clarity. Optional mic required.
dvr_icon enabled
External DVR helps to record your journeys for added peace of mind, ultimately improving your safety and security on our busy roads. Optional DVR required.
reversing_cam_icon enabled
Have confidence when reversing. Reversing cameras help you to see clearly what’s behind you. Optional camera required.
obd_icon enabled
Retrieve real-time data, in an easy to read format, allowing you to understand any troubles with your car’s computer.
dab_plus_icon enabled
A tuner which gives you better sound quality and stronger signal for receiving digital audio broadcasting. Optional DAB+ dongle required.
screen_mirroring_icon enabled
Mirror your smartphone to the unit and operate all the entertainment features. Play games, watch videos and enjoy.
quadcore_icon enabled
Four-core processors (32-bit CPU) generate great power and performance from the heart of the unit.
bluetooth enabled
Hook up your head unit to any Bluetooth device and access music, share videos and make calls hands-free.
dvd enabled
Enjoy the full DVD experience from the comfort of your own car.
gps enabled
Licensed Kudos maps for Windows CE models. Google Maps, iGo, Sygic are available for download on Android models, so you never get lost.
hd enabled
High Definition provides a crisp resolution, maximising your in-car entertainment experience.
rds enabled
The built-in radio tuner with RDS enabled gives you 18FM & 12AM stations as well as live updates.
sd enabled
The SD card portal allows for additional access to your personal files and information, for easy exchanges.
touch_screen enabled
Multi-touch screen, provides a remarkably fluid and intuitive operation.
threeg enabled
Enjoy the ability to roam the internet freely without restriction. Optional dongle required.
usb enabled
A built-in USB port to upload, download & connect your music, files and information on the move.
wifi enabled
Built in Wi-Fi allows for faster LTE download speeds and greater access to the internet, wherever you are.

7" Android 5.1 Lollipop 64 Bit Operating System Quad Core Car DVD Player with Screen Mirroring Function & OBD2 for Opel

Multi-touch Screen / Built-in WiFi / 1080P / Built-in DAB+ Tuner / Car Standard Radio Module

•At First Sight:
Android 5.1: 64-bit Operating System
Quad Core: 32-bit CPU Processor
NXP6686: Car Standard Radio Module
1080P: Super-Clear Video
OBD2: Diagnose Your Car Status
Screen Mirroring: Smartphone Entertainment Sharing
DAB+ Tuner: Enjoy Digital Audio Broadcasting

Applicable Models & Years
OPEL / VAUXHALL, Astra (H) (2004-2010), Antara (2006-2011), Corsa (D) (2006-2011), Vivaro (2006-2010), Meriva (2006-2008), Vectra (2005-2008) , Zafira (B) (2005-2012) (Please check dimensions beforehand. For vehicles with onboard computer this unit is NOT suitable.)
Face Panel:215*200*120mm
Although we have made every effort to ensure this unit will be compatible with the listed vehicles, please check the year, dimensions and shape of the center console of your vehicles before purchasing.
1. Please check your vehicle's center console and compare with the pictures below to see whether XTRONS unit can fit with your car or not.
2.  If your car's connection is the old style (usually from 2000 to 2004), you can order a suitable adapter from XTRONS website. (XTRONS AK/PF71OLOS/ISOCBL2004 is compatible)
3. If your car's plug is the old style, you may need to manually connect 3 wires for your steering wheel control buttons.
4. This unit can NOT replace the cars with original navigation, and if you want to use the original navigation system, some modifications are needed, please contact with XTRONS support for the guidance.
5. For the Zafira (B) 2005-2012), please check to see whether your car has an onboard computer like in the below pictures. If it does, the unit does NOT fit your vehicle.

Multi-touch Screen & Touch Panel
Multi-touch screen enables you to manipulate this unit just as your smartphone. Touch panel design makes the operation of this unit easy whilst on the road.
PF75OLOA-S with Touch Panel & Touch Screen: Easy to operate just as your smartphone.
Others After-market units with Panel Button: Hard to click and easy to be damaged.

Android 5.1 An Experience Unlike any Other on a Car Stereo Unlike any Other
Android 5.1 64-bit is the most advanced, intelligent, and fastest operating system in the car stereo industry. You can enjoy a faster, smoother and more powerful computing experience than ever.

Advantage of Android 5.1
Improved application performance and responsiveness
Up to 4 x performance improvements
Smoother User Interface for complex, visually rich applications
Support for 64-bit games and Apps like Chrome, Gmail, Battlefield 4 and more, brings desktop class CPU to car stereo.

New Quick Settings
Get to the most frequently used settings with just two swipes down from the top of the screen.
Adjust the volume, brightness and EQ on the home screen easily and conveniently.
One button acceleration helps you clear the cache and speed up the performance.

Why Choose XTRONS Android 5.1 Car Stereo?
1. Quad Core, the most Advanced CPU ever in a Car Stereo
PF75OLOA-S is powered by the 32-bit quad code CPU processor. You will experience up to 70 percent faster CPU performance, and up to 90 percent faster GPU performance for all your favorite graphics-intensive games and apps.

Larger ROM, More Possibilities!
The 16G ROM allows you to download your favorite apps such as navigation, games, videos and much more!
PF75OLOA-S: Can run fast and has many storage left after downloading the map
Others: 8G space limited the storage and sometimes caused crash

2. The Most Professional Car Android Hardware Release Ever
Equipped with the professional and technical grade core-board, the PF75OLOA-S offers smooth and fast operating features.
Car Standard Radio Module: NXP6686, strong anti-interference ability, good radio signal receiving
Power Amplifier Chip: TDA7388 High-fidelity and powerful audio effects
Core-board: For In-car Use, Concise and Durable
CPU Processor: Quad Core 32Bit
XTRONS core-board affixed with 3 screws for increased stability and easy to removal, while others welded on the main board which has very complex layout and hard to remove.
Laser Head: Hitachi 1200XH Good compatibility, durable.
Spindle Motor: Corepine
XTRONS Units with Car Standard Radio Module: Smoother and faster radio signal receiving
Other After-market Units with Ordinary Radio Module: Weak radio signal and fuzzy sound

3.Share the Enjoyments with RCA Output
Get your friends together and enjoy all the entertainment and features simultaneously on your PF75OLOA-S via the RCA output function on other monitors.
PF75OLOA-S: Everything can be shared on the other monitors.
Others: Only DVD can be shared on the other monitors.

A True Multi-tasking Player
XTRONS PF75OLOA-S supports DVD background playing, which means that you can navigate, make hands free phone call while your kids watching DVD on backseat monitors.

Screen Mirroring Function for Smartphone Entertainment Sharing
Screen mirroring takes the things you want to do with your smartphone while driving and puts them right on your PF75OLOA-S. You can read messages, watch videos, play exciting games and listen to music, all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road. Just connect your phone and go.
Note: Please note that not all smartphones are compatible with this screen mirroring function.

OBD2 - A Window for you to Diagnose your Car Status
With OBD2 function available on this unit, you can retrieve realtime data and trouble codes from your vehicles computer. All the data from your vehicle is presented in an easy to read format.
Note: OBD2 isn't included (XTRONS OBD02 is compatible). Need it, inquire with us now!

DAB+ Tuner Ready
Enjoy the Audiophile-level Sound in Your Car
With the DAB+ tuner ready on this unit, you just have to connect a USB radio tuner receiver stick via USB port, then you can enjoy a better sound quality and stronger digital audio broadcasting on this unit.
DAB+ radio tuner receiver (Optional), XTRONS USBDAB01 is compatible.

Steering Wheel Control Ready (CANbus Box Provided)
Take control of the music safely and concentrate on the road ahead. This unit can work with vehicles with digital steering wheel control.
Dual Channel CANbus
Headlight Control: When the vehicles headlights are on, the buttons of this unit will illuminate while this stereo is off. This unit can also switch to night mode when the headlights are on.
ACC: The stereo will automatically turn on when you start the ignition.
LCD Screen: Your unit's working mode can be displayed on the vehicles' information display.
Steering Wheel Control: Take control of your music safely on the move.
Reversing Control: This stereo allows automatically switching to the reversing mode without the need for additional wiring.

Driver-friendly Design
1. Vehicle Standard UI
Vehicle standard UI enables a driver to operate the unit easily and safely while driving. The practical home screen layout provides easy to read information on currently playing files and allows one-touch changes.
2. Various Kinds of Themes are Available
Choose from the preset 5 kinds of dynamic themes and 17 kinds of static themes to suit your style best. You can also customize the themes according to your own preference.
3. Operate the Audio on the Way Freely
Enjoy the high-fidelity audio files in the USB & SD card, get a clear view of the song information or choose your favorite songs in the USB & SD card by a gentle sliding on the screen.
4. Customized Boot Up Logos
Custom the boot up logos to match the original taste of your car.

Supports Full HD 1920*1080 Format
With a 7" HD TFT digital screen, a variety of video formats in your USB & SD Card or even on the Youtube and more are compatible with this unit and offer amazing visual effects. Supports up to 1920*1080 pixels (1080P) full HD resolution, and compatible with also 1360*768 (768P), 1280*720 (720P), 1024*576 (576P) and the lower definition resolution video files.

Faster Wireless with Built-in WiFi
PF75OLOA-S has faster LTE download speeds with the built-in WiFi and WiFi antenna. With an external 3G/4G dongle, you can roam the internet freely without restriction.
3G/4G Dongle (Optional, XTRONS 3GDON008/4GDONG001 is compatible), need it? Inquire with us now!
With WiFi antenna, you can enjoy good Internet signal and fast downloading speed.

Built-in GPS
Supports various Android navigation software including IGO8, Google and more. Your long journey will no longer be bothered by the nightmare of getting lost.
Please note that this unit doesn't come with a GPS map and the navigation software has to be downloaded from the Google Play store.

Phonebook Transfer, Contacts Search
Access Phonebook, call logs, search contacts information with name or numbers, make hands free calls, automatic Bluetooth connection, custom pairing code and listen to the Bluetooth music.
Quick Search Contacts Information
A - Z Phonebook Contacts Information
Bluetooth Music

Elaborate Design in Every Detail
In order to go in harmony with the whole design of PF75OLOA-S, we have taken into account every detail of this unit, The thickened spray silver heat sink, unique stepped back design, special magnet ring added in the USB cable, all of these make PF75OLOA-S the most attractive entertainment solution.
1. Efficient Heat Dissipation
Thickened sink enables the unit to exhaust the additional heat quickly. Special crafted spray silver design makes this unit rust-proof.
2. Improved Compatibility & Installation
The unique stepped back design enable enough space for the wires installation.
PF75OLOA-S: Unique Stepped Design
More Space, Easy Installation and Good Compatability.
Other Opel Custom Car Stereos: Traditional Design
Limited Space, Wires can't be connected properly, or even random interwined.
3. Magnet Ring for Strong Signal Transmission
With a special magnetic ring added in the USB cable, disturbances in signal transmission are minimized, so you can enjoy the most authentic signal from the original.

Optional Accessories to Perfect your User Experience
Optional Accessories to make the stereo better suited to your needs.
1. Browse on the Internet with ease with 3G dongle (Optional) or 4G dongle (Optional)
XTRONS 3GDONG008 & 4GDONG001 is compatible.
2. OBD02 (Optional) helps you make the OBD2 function available on this unit, thus you can diagnose your car's status on XTRONS PF75OLOA-S.
XTRONS OBD02 is compatible
3. External DVR (Optional) helps you record your journey on the road.
XTRONS DVR015 is compatible
4. External Microphone (Optional) makes the hands free Bluetooth easier and safer.
XTRONS MIC001 is compatible
5. Reversing camera (Optional) ensures the safety of your driving.
Supports NTSC / PAL signal input.
XTRONS Reversing Camera Series are compatible.
6. External keyboard (Optional) makes the input of information on this car stereo easily and conveniently.
XTRONS AMK003 is compatible
7. DAB+ tuner (Optional) helps you get better sound quality and stronger receiving digital audio broadcasting, thus you can enjoy the best radio programme without distortion.
XTRONS USBDAB01 is compatible
Please check to ensure your countries support DAB. For the countries support DAB, please check

Other Features that Enrich your In-Car Entertainment
1. Built-in Radio Tuner (RDS Enabled)
(18 FM and 12 AM stations Preset)
Car Standard Radio Module: NXP6686
2. Built-in USB & SD Slot
32GB (the max files in the USB & SD card should be within 8GB)
Supports System: NTSC, PAL, SECAM
4. 4 * 45W Surround Sound
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Flat, User, Voice
5. 7" HD Resolution
Resolution: 800*480
6. Supports Multiple Languages
Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, English, Portuguese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Dutch, Polish and over 70 others.

Head Unit: 150*179*100mm
Face Panel: (Top: 215  Below: 200)*21*120mm

1 x ISO Wiring Harness
1 x Radio Adapter Cable
1 x CANbus Box
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x User Manual