7" 1080P Video Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD Player with GPS Navigator CANbus for Mercedes - Benz With Optical Fiber Decoder

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gps enabled
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7" 1080P Video Capacitive Touch Screen Car DVD Player with GPS Navigator CANbus for Mercedes - Benz With Optical Fiber Decoder

•At First Sight:
Capacitive Touch Screen
Super-clear 1080P Video
iPhone 6/6Plus Supported
Powerful Hardware, High Performance (Processor: A8, CPU: 800M)
Steering Wheel Control Ready (Dual Channel CANbus Provided)

Applicable Models & Years
Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211 (E200/E220/E240/E270/E280) (2002-2008), CLS Class W219 (CLS-350/CLS-500/CLS-55) (2005-2006)
Face Panel: 265*240*120mm
Although we have made every effort to ensure this unit will be compatible with the listed vehicles, please check the year, dimensions and shape of the center console of your vehicles before purchasing.
1. Please ensure your car's central console is trapezoidal central console with trim strip above before purchasing, or this unit may not be compatible with your car.
2. This unit doesn't support decoding your vehicles' air conditioning information.
3. Please check whether there is APS system in your vehicle, if there is ,then XTRONS unit is NOT compatible with your vehicle.
4. This unit does NOT support your vehicles' air conditioning information.

All New Capacitive Touch Screen
The same touch screen as your smartphone, it can provide you both clearer view and more convenient operation.

Faster & Smoother
Sensitive capacitive touch screen, gives you smoother and faster experience than ever!

High Transmittance & Anti-dazzle
PF72M211GT with high transmittance & anti-dazzle touch screen gives you Ultrahigh light transmittance, clear and vivid images.
Other aftermarket units with ordinary touch screen have low light transmittance and fuzzy images.

Supports Full HD 1920*1080 Format
With a 7" HD TFT digital screen, a variety of video formats in your USB & SD card or even on the Youtube and more can all be played on this unit with the best visual effects. Supports up to 1920*1080 pixels (1080P) full HD resolution, and compatible with also 1360*768 (768P), 1280*720 (720P), 1024*576 (576P) and the lower definition resolution video files.

Supports iPod Input & Charging, iPhone 6/6Plus Supported
Get quick easy control of the iPod / iPhone including charging and basic controls (track up/down and pause), iPod playlist and song information.
Supports IOS system. No need to order an extra iPod cable, connect your iPod with this unit via your iPod USB cable.

Dual Channel CANbus
The Connection between the Car and Head Unit
The dual CANbus is designed as a perfect fitting for Mercedes-Benz; it builds a close relationship between this unit and your car. Your car's original function including steering wheel control, headlight, ACC, reversing control, LCD screen can all be remained on this unit.
Headlight Control: When the vehicles headlights are on, the buttons of this unit will illuminate while head unit is off. This unit can also switch to night mode when this headlights are on.
ACC: The stereo will automatically turn on when you start the ignition.
LCD Screen: Your unit's working mode can be displayed on the vehicles' information display.
Steering Wheel Control: Take control of your music safely on the move.
Reversing Control: The stereo allows automatically switching to the reversing mode without the need for additional wiring.

Powerful Hardware, High Performance (Processor: A8, CPU: 800M)
The Fastest Head Unit in Aftermarket Car Stereos
Lighting fast performance enables you to multitask with ease, such as: searching, streaming and navigation.
Faster navigation in real time
Faster GPS and DVD loading
Dual Zone Function
Dual zone allows you to play DVD / Radio / Music while navigating. (Passengers can also enjoy the video feed in the back using the AV output from the unit.)
Easy Navigation
With speed camera warnings, multi-stop route and planning and points of interest, getting to your destination fast, safe and convenient.

Efficient Heat Dissipation
Thickened aluminum heat sink enables this unit to exhaust the additional heat quickly.
PF72M211GT has 8mm heat sink while other car stereos in the aftermarket only have 3mm heat sink.

Hands Free, Phonebook Transfer
Access the Phonebook, call logs, search contacts by name, make hands free call, customize the pairing code and listen to Bluetooth music.
Quick Dialing
Search Contacts with Name
Bluetooth Music

All New Radio Design, Simple to Use
Entertain yourself with popular music, would breaking & sports news, traffic guidance and much more.
1. Supports Radio Station Search
Drad the scroll to choose your favorite radio stations, listen to the interesting radio programme fast and conveniently.
2. Built-in Radio Tuner (RDS Enabled)
Radio station preset store up to 18 FM stations and 12 AM stations.

Virtual 10 CDC
Copy all the files from a CD (maximum 10 discs) without any distortion to a USB drive or SD card, play them at any time without having the CD in the drive.

3 Available Modes
Day   Night    Off

Optional Accessories to Perfect your User Experience
2. External DVR (Optional) helps you record your journey on the road. (XTRONS DVR016 is compatible)
3. External Microphone (Optional) makes the hands free Bluetooth easier and safer. (XTRONS MIC001 & MIC002 are compatible)
4. Reversing camera (Optional) ensures the safety of your driving. (XTRONS Reversing Camera Series are compatible)
Supports NTSC / PAL signal input

Other Features

Head Unit: 148*178*100 mm
Face Panel: 265 (Top)*240 (Below)*120 *38mm

2 x ISO Wiring Harness
1 x USB Cable
2 x RCA Cable
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x Radio Adapter Cable
1 x CANbus Box
1 x External Microphone Cable
1 x User Manual