7" HD Digital Touch Screen GPS Navigation Car DVD Player with Screen Mirroring Function for Custom Fit OPEL

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Touch Screen
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7" HD Digital Touch Screen GPS Navigation Car DVD Player with Screen Mirroring Function for Custom Fit OPEL

•At First Sight:
Original User Interface & Appearance
Screen Mirroring Function
Steering Wheel Control Ready (Dual Channel CANbus Box Provided)
New and Improved Design

Applicable Models & Years
Opel Astra (2004-2009), Antara (2006-2011), Vectra (2005-2008), Corsa (2006-2011), Combo (2006-2010), Meriva (2006-2010), Vivaro (2006-2010), Zafira (2005-2011)
Old Style (usually before 2004), you may need to order an ISO adapter from us.
New Style, Quadlock (usually 2005+), the provided ISO wiring harness is perfectly fit, it is plug and play.
If your car's connection is the old style (usually from 2000 to 2004), you can order a suitable adapter from XTRONS website. (XTRONS AK/PF71OLOS/ISOCBL2004 is compatible).
If your car's plug is the old style, you may need to manually connect 3 wires for your steering wheel control buttons.
Although we have made every effort to ensure this item is compatible with the listed vehicles, due to year breaks please ensure you have the correct shape / style OEM unit before purchasing.

Original Design, Originally Integrated
The original User Interface and classic appearance retaining all the stylish and unfailing elements Opel has. Same appearance provides different entertainment solution.

Customized Logos
Custom the car logos to match the original taste of your car.

High Transmittance & Anti-dazzle Touch Screen
PF71OLOS-S with high transmittance & anti-dazzle touch screen gives you Ultrahigh light transmittance, clear and vivid images.
Other aftermarket units with ordinary touch screen have low light transmittance and fuzzy images.

Screen Mirroring Function for Smartphone Entertainment Sharing
(Supports Android Smartphone ONLY)
With screen mirroring function, any content from your smart phone can be mirrored onto this head unit. Two-way control of all the Applications from your smart phone, no delay video playback, enjoy exciting games and more on the large display.
Note: This function is only applicable with Android smartphones, and the phone should be at least Android 4.0 version and quad core processor. A USB cable can help build the connection, so there is no need to connect via WiFi, Audio files require a Bluetooth connection.

Steering Wheel Control Ready
Dual Channel CANbus Box Provided
The dual channel CANbus is designed as a perfect fitting for Opel, it builds a close relationship between this unit and your car. PF71OLOS-S's information including radio frequency, song information and more can all be displayed on your car's dashboard.
Dual Channel CANbus
Headlight Control: When the vehicles headlights are on, the buttons of this unit will illuminate while this stereo is off. This unit can also switch to night mode when the headlights are on.
ACC: The stereo will automatically turn on when you start the ignition.
LCD Screen: Your unit's working mode can be displayed on the vehicles' information display.
Steering Wheel Control: Take control of your music safely on the move.
Reversing Control: This stereo allows automatically switching to the reversing mode without the need for additional wiring.

Elaborate Design in Every Detail
In order to go in harmony with the whole design of PF71OLOS-S, we have taken into account every details of this unit, The thickened spray silver heat sink, unique stepped back design, special magnet ring added in the USB cable, reversing camera rectifier, all of these make PF71OLOS-S the most attractive entertainment solution.
1. Efficient Heat Dissipation
Thickened sink enables the unit to exhaust the additional heat quickly. Special crafted spray silver design makes this unit rust-proof.
2. Improved Compatibility & Installation
The unique stepped back design enable enough space for the wires installation.
XTRONS PF71OLOS-S use Unique Stepped Design that has more space, Easy installation and Good compatibility. Other Opel Custom Car Stereos use the traditional design which has limited space, thus the wires can't be connected properly, or even random intertwined.
3. Magnet Ring for Strong Signal Transmission
With a special magnetic ring added in the USB cable, disturbances in signal transmission are minimized, so you can enjoy the most authentic signal from the original.
4. Rectifier Filter for Clearer Scene
The rectifier filter provides you with a more vivid and clearer scene whilst reversing your car.
With Rectifier Filter: Vivid and clear scene
No rectifier filter: Scene is a little fuzzy

Quicker & Smoother
Now with our powerful 800MHZ Cortex A7 Processor and latest WinCE6.0 system, you can enjoy the fastest running speed than ever.
Processor: Cortex A7, CPU: 800M
Navigation & Entertainment
Get to your destination quickly and easily.
2. Built-in Dual Zone
Play DVD / Radio / Music while navigating. Passengers in the back can also enjoy the entertainment.

Phonebook Transfer, Contacts Information Search
Access phonebook, call logs, search contacts information with name or numbers, make hands free calls, display unanswered calls, custom pairing code and listen to Bluetooth music.
Hands free calling
Search contacts information by name or number
Bluetooth music

Region Free DVD Player
The DVD player is compatible with most DVD and CD discs that are available on the market.
Compatible Formats: DVD, SVCD, VCD, DVD-5, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-9, DVD±R, DVD±RW.

External Accessories to Perfect Your User Experience
External accessories to make the head unit better suited to your needs.
1. External Microphone (Optional) for more clarity and subdued background noise.
XTRONS MIC001 & MIC002 are compatible
2. Reversing Camera (Optional) ensures the safe reversing.
Supports NTSC / PAL signal input
XTRONS Reversing Camera Series are compatible

Other Features that Enrich your In-Car Entertainment
1. Built-in Radio Tuner (RDS Enabled)
(18 FM and 12 AM stations Preset)
2. Built-in USB & SD Port
32GB (the max files in the USB & SD card should be within 4GB)
Supports System: NTSC, PAL
4. 4 *45W
Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic, Customize, Cinema, Soft, Heavy Metal, Standard
5. 800*480HD Resolution
Resolution: 800*480    
6. Supports Multiple Languages
Simplified Chinese, English, Traditional Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Thai, Arabic, Polish and Japanese.

Head Unit: 142*179*100 mm
Face Panel: 199*22*120 mm

1 x ISO Wiring Harness
1 x GPS Antenna
1 x User Manual
1 x CANbus Box
1 x Radio Adapter