10.1" HD Digital 1080P Video Headrest DVD Player with Screen Mirroring Function

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Android 5.1 enabled
Android Lollipop: intelligent and advanced, smarter and faster than a lot of desktop computers.
screen_mirroring_icon enabled
Mirror your smartphone to the unit and operate all the entertainment features. Play games, watch videos and enjoy.
quadcore_icon enabled
Four-core processors (32-bit CPU) generate great power and performance from the heart of the unit.
dvd enabled
Enjoy the full DVD experience from the comfort of your own car.
hd enabled
High Definition provides a crisp resolution, maximising your in-car entertainment experience.
sd enabled
The SD card portal allows for additional access to your personal files and information, for easy exchanges.
touch_screen enabled
Multi-touch screen, provides a remarkably fluid and intuitive operation.
threeg enabled
Enjoy the ability to roam the internet freely without restriction. Optional dongle required.
usb enabled
A built-in USB port to upload, download & connect your music, files and information on the move.
wifi enabled
Built in Wi-Fi allows for faster LTE download speeds and greater access to the internet, wherever you are.

10.1" HD Digital 1080P Video Headrest DVD Player & Screen Mirroring Function

First Android 5.1 Quad Core Capacitive Touch Screen DVD Headrest for the In-Car Entertainment Aftermarket

•At First Sight:
Intuaitive User Interface Design
Android 5.1 Operating System
10.1" HD Capacitive Touch Screen (1024*600)
Supports 1080P Video
Adjustable Viewing Angles

Not Just a Bigger Display, A Better Display
Now with a 10.1" HD capacitive touch screen, a breakthrough and innovation in the car headrest DVD player market.

Superior Enhancement for Your Visual Senses
With an incredible high pixel density of 1024*600 resolution combined with a 10.1" screen, you will be amazed to experience the vibrant video and visual effects.

All New Capacitive Touch Screen
Using the same technology as on modern touch screen smartphones, you can enlarge or zoom the images on this headrest-mount screen freely.

Android 5.1 Operating System & Quad Core CPU
With the  combination of the Android 5.1 Operating System together with a quad core processor you will enjoy more fluid entertainment with the smoothest and quickest user experience on any in-car headrest to date.

Powerful Android 5.1 Operating System
With the Android 5.1 operation system, you can enjoy a faster and more tailored user experience with plenty of updated apps and more entertainment than ever before.

Quad Core, the most Advanced CPU ever in a Car Stereo
The HD13A is powered by a quad core CPU processor which ensures that you will receive the fastest performance for all your favorite graphics-intensive games and apps, creating a more rounded user experience. 

Multiple Choices for Endless Entertainment
Watch, play, share, synchronize, and explore with a wide variety of features.

•Smarter User Interface (UI) Design
The easy to operate UI design also enables smaller children to operate the unit easily and conveniently from the rear seats without having to disrupt other passengers or driver.

Region Free DVD Player
HD13A is compatible with most DVDs and CDs that available on the market.
Slot Load DVD Drive: Professional & Convenient

Adjustable Viewing Angles
By being able to adjust the distance between the HD13A to your car's headrest, you are able to choose the best viewing angle for yourself or other passengers to enjoy the fantastic entertainment.

Super-clear 1080P Video
With the full HD 10.1" resolution, you will be guaranteed to see a much more vibrant and sharper image. All of your videos will look stunning on the display.

Screen Mirroring Function for Smartphone Entertainment Sharing
By utilizing the inbuilt screen mirroring function, any content from your smartphone can be mirrored onto the display of the HD13A. Enjoy delay free video playback, exciting games and much more, on the large display.
Note: This function is only available with Android smartphones that have screen mirroring function.

Faster Wireless with Built-in WiFi
1. Built-in WiFi
Faster wireless with built-in WiFi
2. 3G Internet Ready
You can connect a 3G modem and SIM card to surf the Internet freely without restrictions.
The 3G dongle is optional (XTRONS 3GDONG008 is compatible), need it, inquire with us now!

A Variety of Sound Out Choices
With wireless Bluetooth headphones, built-in FM transmitter and speakers, the possible  choices of entertainment are plenty.
1. Supports wireless Bluetooth Earphones
The need for unsightly wire connections is over. Get the audio enjoyment from the headrest with wireless Bluetooth headphones and listen to your chosen content without disturbing the other passengers.
(Wireless Bluetooth earphone is not included)
2. Built-in FM Transmitter
The FM transmitter can send the audio signal from the headrest screen to the other radio receiver (car stereo), thus allowing the audio to be emitted through the cars speakers.
3. Built-in Speakers
Play audio directly from the unit.

Easy & Safe to Install
There is no need to worry about damaging your car's interior such as air bags and security systems anymore. The XTRONS HD13A is the most convenient headrest DVD player choice for you. With the supplied mounting bracket, drivepipe and fix screw and with less than 5 minutes DIY you will have this headrest installed in your car.
1. Adjust the original headrest to the required height.
2. Choose one set of suitable specification drivepipes from the provided 5 drivepipes and install them into the holes of your car's headrest.
3. Insert the two U brackets into the drivepipes on the headrest pole.
4. Insert the U brackets into the two ends of the bracket box, adjust the left and right end of the U brackets to the optimal position, and then fix it.
5. Now fit the HD13A to the mounting bracket.
6. Use the fixed screw to affix the HD13A to your car's headrest tightly.
If you want to remove the HD13A from your car's headrest, just unscrew the screw. 
The following components are included for easy installation.
Drivepipe:  5 different specifications of drivepipes, choose the one which is suitable for your car perfectly. (14.0mm, 12.9mm, 12.2mm, 11.2mm, 10.2mm)
Fixed Screw: Passes the vehicle standard test for security and stability.

Head Unit: 250*165*50mm

1 x ISO Wiring Harness
1 x User Manual
5 x Plastic Drivepipes
1 x Fixed Screw
1 x Bracket Box
2 x U Brackets