DAB+ Digital Radio Box with Aerial for XTRONS D766A & D714A & TD719G

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DAB+ Digital Radio Box with Aerial for XTRONS D766A & D714A & TD719G

DAB01 is suitable for D766A, D714A, TD719G

•Product Description
Digital Audio Broadcasting is famous for its better sound quality and strong signal receiving. With this DAB+ Box, you can enjoy the superior audio quality of DAB+ in your car from now on!

Product Features
Audiophile-level and High-fidelity Sound
Wide variety of channel choices
Strong Anti-interference
Faster switching between radio stations
Detailed Channel information
DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcast) is an international standard for digital radio broadcasts. The availability of DAB+ stations and broadcast coverage are country specific. Please check to ensure your country supports DAB. For a list of the countries which supports DAB, please check - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Countries_using_DAB/DMB

Comparison of DAB+ and FM
        Features                                                   DAB+                                                                    FM
Broadcasting Signal                                 Digital Signal                                                     Analog Signal                
Applicable Environment                          Home and In-car                                                      Home
Anti-interference Ability                                 Strong                                  E asily interfered by terrain and other signals
Anti-noise Ability                                             Strong                                    A lot of noise if there is radio interference
Channels                                   More Channels in every frequency                One frequency with one channel