Car Seat Adjustable Headrest Coat Hanger for In-car and Home Use

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Car Seat Adjustable Headrest Coat Hanger for In-car and Home Use

XTRONSpro Coat Hanger

The clothes hanger ensures crease-free transport of clothing and can be used away from the car with a removable hanger. The high quality Travel & Comfortable system is available in matt black and perfectly complements the interior of your vehicle.

•High-quality Materials
Made of car standard materials, XTRONS HA001 can keep in good status no matter how strong the sunlight shines on it.

•Removable Design for both in-car & at Home Use
This coat hanger is easy to install and remove, it can be used both in car and at home.
There is a button on the coat hanger, you just have to press on it, and then remove the hanger from the car’s headrest is very easy and convenient. The Hook in the top of the hanger is retractable, which enables you to take the coat from your car and hang your coat at home smoothly.

•Stable & Solid Design
With fixed screw fixes this hanger with the mounting bracket, your clothes won’t creep down even though your car is in severe shaking.

•Adjustable Design
Adjustable design ensures you to hang your coat in the car with the best position. What’s more, after removing the coat hanger from the headrest, the rest of the part still looks very tidy and comfort, while other coat hanger in the market will look very space-consuming and chaotic.

•Easy Installation and Easy Removal
With supplied mounting bracket, drivepipe, and fixed screw, you can install this coat hanger in your car within 5 minutes. If you want to replace the coat hanger with XTRONS HD101 / HD101T / HD9T / HD7MINI / HD106_SILVER / HD107HD_SILVER, remove the fixed screw is enough.
Easy Installation:
1. Choose one set suitable specification drivepipe from the provided drivepipes, and install them into the pole of your car's headrest.
2. Fix the mounting bracket into your car's headrest; you can adjust the mounting bracket to the best length according to your headrest's pole's distance.
3. Install HA001 into the mounting bracket.
4. Use the fixed screw to fix HA001 into your car’s headrest tightly.
•Easy Removal :
1. Remove the fixed screw from the mounting bracket.
2. Take the hanger from the headrest.
Then you can install XTRONS HD101 / HD101T / HD9T / HD7MINI / HD106_SILVER / HD107HD_SILVER into the mounting bracket as it is also compatible with HD101 / HD101T / HD9T / HD7MINI / HD106_SILVER / HD107HD_SILVER.

♥This brand new in-car coat hanger is specially designed to fit almost all of the vehicles’ headrests.
In car safety tests passed, no more mess at the back of your car or hangers on back windows.
Easy to install and detach for the hotel and home use.
Protect your coats, jackets, blouse and other garments from dirt and winkles during everyday drive without any scratch on the car.

Items Included:
Coat Hanger
Mounting Bracket
Fixed Screw
Plastic Drivepipe